Iraq’s VP Disagrees With Congress

March 31, 2007

If we listened to the Media and the anti-war folks, and believed everything that they tell us, we’d come to believe that Iraq’s government and it’s people don’t want our troops in their country. From listening to our troops, we’ve learned that many of the Iraqis they come into contact want us there and appreciate the work we’re doing there. Apparently, government officials in Iraq feel the same way. Iraq Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi spoke to reporters last Saturday, saying that an early withdrawl of US Forces from Iraq would throw the country into turmoil and would not be a benefit to Western interests or that of the Iraqi people.

“Many of the Democrats are now pushing the White House for a quick withdrawal of troops from Iraq. This is not going to benefit either Iraqi or Western interest,” al-Hashimi said.

“If troops are pulled out on short notice, it will create a security vacuum in Iraq that cannot be filled by troops that have not been trained well enough and are not available in sufficient numbers,” he said.

These comments came from al-Hashimi as he was wrapping up a 4 day visit in Japan. He goes on further to say that a timetable for the withdrawal of the troops does have to be set if “forces of resistance” are to be drawn into a dialogue aimed at achieving reconciliation and national unity in Iraq. He staunchly rejects calls for immediate pullout of coalition forces.

“That could lead to chaos, and chaos to civil war,” al-Hashimi said. “Any withdrawal should be conditioned… tailor-made to the reform of our armed forces.”

Al-Hashimi shared the resolve of the Iraqi government to stay the course, even with increasing news of suicide bombings and attacks on Iraq’s government officials.

How much more clearly does the Iraqi government have to make it to those who would undermine the work our troops and the Iraqi troops are doing in Iraq? What will it take for them to realize that by pulling out our troops, we’re setting Iraq up for failure and basically inviting the terrorists to come “play in OUR backyard?” I honestly don’t feel that this has a thing to do with what is best for the American troops or for the Iraqi people. Instead, I feel that this most recent move by Congress is more about politics and doing what they can to make our President and our Nation look bad in the eyes of the entire World. Are we to follow the Democratic lead and show the world that the United States is not a Nation to be trusted to follow through on their promises? Are we to show the World that once again we’re going to cut and run with our tails between our legs? Is that really the message that they want to give the World? Do they wish to send the message to al Qaeda that “we give up, you’ve won?” I would hope not, but based on their most recent actions, that’s exactly the message that they’ve given me. I invite everyone to share their thoughts on this.


2 Responses to “Iraq’s VP Disagrees With Congress”

  1. SealPatriot on April 1st, 2007 3:08 am

    Many people do disagree with the Democrats on this regardless of how people voted in November. It totally puts into affect what you said, Terri. How some or probably most politicians are willing to pull with their party’s political agendas rather than represent the ideas of the people around them. It’s almost like a constituency doesn’t exist to them and is only a ticket to a seat of power. I know that Iraqis aren’t citizens of this country, but we went in 2003 promising that we would help them up to their feet after we removed it’s government/tyranny(in this case), and seriously, the government that promised us representation and aren’t doing so happening the same one blowing these people(Iraqis) off of the aid they need to sustain themselves as a country.

  2. Terri on April 1st, 2007 6:28 am

    Oh I know Ryan. It seems that anymore the politicians could care less what the people think, or what is in the Nation’s best interest and instaed concentrate on $$ or what gets them the most press.

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