Celebrating The Things We’re Thankful For

November 27, 2008

Every year, we here in the United States, gather together with our loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a day that is dedicated to celebrating all of the things that we’re thankful for. As we go about our busy lives each day, we often don’t give much thought about just how lucky we are to live in the greatest country on the planet. We rarely think about the history of our country and how the United States came to stand for freedom, liberty, privilege, and yes, at times even excess.

Today is a day to reflect on all of the things that we’re thankful for in our lives … and yes we have many things to be thankful for. We live in a society in which we are able to make choices, instead of having someone make those choices for us. We have the freedom to chose where we live. We have the freedom to chose what profession we wish to pursue. We have to freedom to obtain an education in order to help us in our profession. We have the freedom to chose our partners, where our children attend school. We have the freedom in our country to decide for ourselves what religious path we wish to follow or not follow. We have the freedom to speak out against things we don’t feel are right and to have a voice in how our government is run. Unfortunately, many times, with these freedoms, comes the habit of taking these things for granted, when they are gifts that have been given to us. Gifts that have been paid for, with the blood, sweat and tears of generations of brave men and women who were willing to pay the price for us, as American citizens, to have these freedoms, even if that meant giving up their own right to these freedoms. For that wonderful, blessed gift, we should be eternally Thankful.

I hope that as each of us gathers to celebrate this special time with their family and friends, that they’ll think about the thousands of men and women, our American Soldiers, who are spending this day, far away from their loved ones, to ensure that we’re able to spend our Thanksgiving Day with our loved ones. Please take a moment to say a prayer of thanks for these brave warriors and ask for their protection, to whatever God you chose to worship. As you count your blessing and say thanks for them, don’t forget that these brave souls and those who came before them, are the very reason that we’re able to have such celebrations in our country. As I gather with my loved ones today, and we set down to a delicious Thanksgiving feast, there will be a special place of honor at our table. A place set that no one will be sitting at, but one that is in honor of every man and woman currently serving in our country’s Armed Forces, who can’t be with their loved ones today. I am so very lucky and so very Thankful for our Troops, not only today, but every day. I hope that you are as well.

To each of our readers, I wish you a very blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. To our Troops and our Veterans, I an so very thankful for you and everything you have made possible in my life and the lives of our fellow Americans. Stay safe and know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers.


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