Wynonna Judd To Honor The Troops At Alaska’s Operation Gratitude

June 25, 2008

I just received word this evening, about Alaska’s Operation Gratitude, which will be held on Friday, June 27th in Anchorage, Alaska at Elmendorf Air Force Base. The show will also be streamed live at the AT&T Blueroom site, beginning at 12:30 am Eastern Time (June 28th), 11:30pm Central Time, 10:30pm Mountain Time, 9:30 pm Pacific Time and 8:30 pm Alaska Time. The concert is the Anchorage kickoff, of the statewide celebration of the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s statehood. An estimated crowd of 75,000 people are expected to attend the concert, which will be headlined by country music star Wynonna Judd. American servicemembers who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to view the show as well AND interact with Wynonna, via video teleconferencing.

The concert was announced by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, joined by Air Force Brig. General Thomas L. Tinsley, Commander of Elmendorf’s 3rd Wing, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, AT&T Alascom President Mike Felix and other dignitaries. For those living in Anchorage, the concert will be free and open to the public. AT&T is a proud sponsor of the concert and web casting.

“We are honored to share the gift of music with the many fine men and women serving in uniform,” said Governor Palin. “Alaska is blessed with a vibrant military and veteran community and it is a privilege to share with those who have given so much for their fellow citizens. We are excited to have an American music legend, Wynonna Judd, to help us entertain the Troops and celebrate Alaska’s 50th year of statehood.”

“We are honored to host Wynonna Jude while she’s here to thank the American Armed Services with this concert,” said Brig. Gen. Tinsley. “This is a great opportunity to partner with the 50th Anniversary Statehood Celebration Committee for a great kick-off to the “We’re In!” weekend.”

“Anchorage and all of Alaska are proud of the servicemen and women who serve our state and nation,” said Mayor Begich. “Sharing this concert as a gift to our military as we celebrate 50 years of Alaska statehood is the least we can do to show our enormous gratitude.”

“AT&T is very excited to be sponsoring this concert and web casting it to a worldwide audience,” said Mike Felix. “For the last several years AT&T has been streaming community events like high school graduations and sports championships, making them available to people who would otherwise miss out. This event takes this effort to a whole new level, bringing Alaska’s statehood celebration and its commitment to the military to audiences everywhere.”

I urge each of you, if you get the opportunity, to tune it and watch the concert on Friday. What a great way to celebrate not only Alaska’s 50th anniversary of statehood, but to honor our Troops for the contributions that they’ve made for both the state of Alaska and our country. I know that I won’t miss it!


AT&T Blueroom

Fort Hood’s Annual “Salute To Our Heroes”

April 11, 2008

Today, from Noon to Midnight, Fort Hood will be hosting an event that they hold anually, in honor of those who have served, those who are serving, as well as their family members. There will be performances by a host of musical artists, including the rock band Tantric and country singer Mark Chestnut. Fun activities are planned for the event, with a carnival and plenty of food and drink. The event will be streamed online live on Live Sync. I will be working the event during the day, and then attending as a family member of a 1st Cav Soldier, in the evening. I”ll do a write-up on the event this weekend.

I had the pleasure of getting a preview of what’s to come last night, when Tantric held a mini-performance and afterwards a meet and greet, at the Clear Creek PX. Tantric has long been a band that I really liked, so when I found out that they’d be there, it was something I couldn’t miss. The performance was awesome, with the band performing songs from their soon to be released album, as well as a couple selections from their previous albums. For those who know their music, you’d have loved the performance. Speaking with them afterwards, I found that they’re staunch supporters of our Troops and have been looking forward to coming to Fort Hood, to be able to tell our Troops first hand how much they support them. Line up of the performances is as follows:

1 - 1:30 pm Maren Morris/Country
1:40 - 2:10 pm Rissi Palmer/Country
2:30 - 3:05 pm Jennifer Pena/Latin/Pop
3:20 - 3:40 pm Billy Cook/R&B
3:55 - 4:25 pm Kritickill/Rock
4:35 - 5:05 pm Framing Hanley/Rock
5:15 - 5:55 pm Mylin/Pop
6:15 - 7:15 pm El Grupo Mania/Latin/Pop
7:35 - 8:05 pm Wild Horses/Country
8:15 - 9:00 pm Mark Chesnutt/Country
9:10 - 9:30 pm II Face/Hip-Hop
9:55 - 10:20 pm FosterChild/Rock
10:30 - 11:10 pm Tantric/Rock

If you get the chance, watch the events unfold today on Live Sync, and I’ll have a first hand report tomorrow. To find out more about the event, vist the Fort Hood MWR website.

Texas Radio Hosts Wrap Up “Iraq Deployment”

March 26, 2008

They’re the hosts of the Morning Show on Waco 100, a popular country music radio station in Waco, which is near Fort Hood. Because Troops with 4th Infantry Division and 3rd ACR can no longer listen to the radio station from where they’re deployed, the hosts of the Morning Show, Zack Owen and Jim Cody decided to “deploy” to Iraq and broadcast their program live from the media operations center at Camp Liberty from March 10th through March 21st.

Neither Cody or Owen have ever served in the military, but they wanted to do something to show their support and patriotism. They felt that by taking their radio show to Camp Liberty, they were able to serve their country and allow their fans, deployed from Fort Hood, the opportunity to hear their show once again.

“We’ve talked for years about wanting to come over here,” Cody said. “We knew by virtue of our job, broadcasting, we could come over and be a venue for Soldiers to get in a little piece of home. We said on the air a few times that if anyone knew how to get the ball rolling, we’d appreciate their help.”

Those comments on air apparently helped. Towards the end of November, Zack and Jim were attending a fundraiser in central Texas and were introduced to Delena Kanouse, who is the chief of community relations for III Corps. III Corps is the headquarters unit in charge at Fort Hood. With Kanouse’s help, they were able to begin the process and eventually “deploy.” They had three months to prepare for their trip. Kanouse assisted them in completing the required paperwork and got them scheduled to deploy with Troops from 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team.

“We wanted to get the whole feel of the thing,” Owen said, “so we went through the whole (soldier readiness program) process and everything.”

Zack and Jim were more than happy to don ACU’s and obtain the standard pre-deployment shots. They boarded the same flight as the Soldiers from 1st BCT. Most generally, when members of the media visit deployed Troops, they stick to civilian attire and fly on commercial flights. Zack and Jim received the same warm send-off that the Troops get, as they boarded the flight which departed from Robert Gray Army Airfield at Fort Hood. According to Owen, they were treated as if they were a part of the 4th Infantry Division family. Army Major David Olsen, 1st BCT public affairs officer, kept them under his wing. in Kuwait and once they arrived in Iraq.

“Olson said there wasn’t much going on in Kuwait, but to two guys who have never done this before, it seemed a little scary to have guys with guns all around you on the bus you’re riding,” joked Owen.

“Honestly, I have full faith and confidence in the ability of these military men and women to keep me safe from harm,” added Cody. “I expected to see more of the bombed-out rubble, but you can really see the progress of the past five years. A lot has been rebuilt,” Cody said. “People are out shopping, kids are playing. It seems like business as usual out in the streets.”

Though both Zack and Jim enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they remained focused on their primary mission … telling the stories of the Soldiers there. During their time at Camp Liberty, they interviewed almost 200 servicemembers within Multinational Division Baghdad. Each one of those Soldiers had a story to tell and they were able to send their love, over the airwaves to their loved ones back home in Central Texas.

“I think there are lots of ways people can demonstrate their commitment to supporting what our Soldiers are doing,” said Army Brig. General Mike Milano, deputy commanding general in charge of support for the 4th Infantry Division, “but there is no more sincere way anyone else can do it than what these two gentlemen are doing.”

“They are communicating for us the hardships our Soldiers face daily - and what better way to do that than to come see for themselves?” Army Command Sgt. Major John Gioia said. “You can tell they truly care for, and support, our Soldiers, and what more can you truly ask for? I truly appreciate the smiles they have brought to the faces of our Soldiers and their families.”

By sometime this week, I’m sure that Zack and Jim will be back on the Morning Show broadcasting from Waco once again. I’m sure the trip to Camp Liberty was a memorable one, not only for them, but for the Soldiers whose lives they touched while they were “deployed.” It’s just too bad that others in the media, don’t follow the example set by Zack and Jim from Waco 100. Great Job, Zack and Jim!


Waco 100 Iraq Trip Summary

Rocking The Troops

March 9, 2008

On March 10th, Troops in Kuwait, who are preparing to go into Iraq, or those who are on their wa home, will be in for a treat. Teaming up with America Supports You and Armed Forces Entertainment, MySpace will launch a 3 hour concert event, called Opertion MySpace that will not only entertain the Troops, but can be seen while it’s happening by live streaming at the Operation MySpace website. MySpace has long been a popular social network that is used by many of our Troops, as a way to keep in contact with family and friends, during their deployments.

“For years troops stationed all over the world have utilized MySpace as a lifeline to communicate with their loved ones back home. Many of them have been generous enough to share their unique experiences with me through messages on MySpace,” Anderson said. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to thank them in person and bring along the entire MySpace community.”

“We’re incredibly proud to host this one of a kind concert,” added DeWolfe. “Unlike past variety shows or concerts of this nature, Operation MySpace will connect people, content, and culture a world apart through the live webcast of the show and interaction on the Operation MySpace profile.”

The MySpace founders are excited to be able to provide such a concert for the Troops and have lined up popular entertainers, to do their part in Supporting our Troops. The entertainers, some of the music scene’s most popular acts are: Pussycat Dolls, Filter, DJ Z-Trip, Jessica Simpson and Disturbed. Joining them will be comedian Carolos Mencia, as the host of the 3 hour event. The entire concert will be streamed live on the Operation MySpace website, beginning at 2pm Eastern Time on Monday, March 1th.

“This MySpaceLive! concert is an exciting event because it communicates to our troops that people from all walks of life and from all types of companies support their service to our country,” said Allison Barber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. “MySpace is a great medium to connect our military members and their families, who serve in 177 countries, to the folks back home. We are so glad to have MySpace as part of the team working with both America Supports You and Armed Forces Entertainment.”

For those who are unable to watch the live streaming of the concert, or who aren’t in Kuwait, you can see a condensed version of the concert at a later date. FX television has plans to air a condensed, one-hour version o fht econcert on April 12th. Check your television listings tofind out times for the broadcase.

The musicians, are as excited about performing for the Troops, as the sponsors are. Several of them have expressed their excitement and desire to thank our Troops. Now they’ll have that opportunity.

“It’s truly an honor to perform for the Troops,” Jessica Simpson said. “Through Operation MySpace, I get to serve my country by doing what I love to do in front of thousands of brave men in uniform. It’s every girl’s dream!”

“We’re so excited to be performing for the Troops and supporting our Armed Forces overseas,” the Pussycat Dolls said in a statement.

It sounds like this is going to be a great concert and one that our Troops in Kuwait will enjoy attending. Hopefully, other entertainment groups and artists will take the lead of MySpace and the artists participating in this concert and more will be planned. Remember, if you’d like to see the event as it’s happening, go to the Operation MySpace website tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Time.

Armed Forces Entertainment


“The Sonata of War and Peace” by Brandon Begley

January 13, 2008

Here at A Soldier’s Mind, we’ve made it a point to highlight the musical works of people who perform their music in support of our Troops. We also love to highlight the musical works of many of our Active Duty Troops, who themselves are extremely talented musicians. Often people think that our Troops know only how to shoot their weapons, kill the enemy and follow orders. That is the furthest thing from the truth, as so many of them are accomplished musicians, artists and scholars. Hopefully as we continue these types of stories, you our readers, will gain much more insight into the men and women who are serving our country. I’d like to introduce you to one such Soldier.

Back in March, I wrote a story about a young US Army Soldier serving in Afghanistan who composed a sonata in honor of two fellow Soldiers who had given their life in the name of freedom. That young Soldier, Brandon Begley has visited A Soldiers Mind several times and left his thoughts here on the blog. Brandon, currently stationed in Hawaii, is preparing for another deployment. One that will take him to the battlefields of Iraq.

Brandon and I have remained in contact since I first wrote the story about him and his music and has told me that he has now finished the sonata and is preparing to release it on CD. Also on the CD will be other musical pieces that Brandon has composed over the course of the past 16 years. I’d like to give our readers a more in-depth view of the person that Brandon Begley is and the incredible talent this young man has.

Brandon’s musical ambitions began at a very young age, when at 6 years old, he began playing the piano. Brandon’s musical direction leans towards classical music. He composed his first piece of music around the age of 8 years old, a song about his first childhood crush on a girl. According to blog entries on Brandon’s MySpace page, he never officially recorded the song, because it was only played with 2 fingers and was what he considers a primative piece.

“The piece portrays a child like crush I had on her back when I first moved to Kentucky many years ago. That was the beginning of the romance period and the first girlfriend I ever had. The mood of the piece is peaceful and soothing. A relaxful meditative piece which was the beginning of my musical career, although at the time I didn’t think of it that way.”

Brandon has memorialized many events in his life through his music. Events such as marrying the woman of his dreams, to the shock of finding his father deceased, to the joy he felt upon the birth of his daughter, to the pain of learning during his deployment that his wife had miscarried their second child. Brandon’s music covers an entire gamut of emotions, as different events have taken place in his life. The new CD will be entitled “War and Peace” and will soon be released. In total there will be 11 and possibly 12 pieces that Brandon has composed and performed. Take some time to visit his MySpace page and listen to some of the songs he has posted there. I think you’ll agree with me, when I say that not only is Brandon an extremely talented musician, but that his dedication to his continued service to our country, makes him an asses to not only the US Army, but to our country as well.

Unfortunately, due to file size limits of our blogging software, I’m unable to upload the three movements of The Sonata of War and Peace, from Brandon’s CD War and Peace. To listen to all three Prelude To War, Longing For Peace and Fallen Comrade, please follow the link below to The Music of Brandon Begley at MySpace and listen to them. I’d like to personally thank Brandon, for sharing his incredible talent with us.

To The Fallen Records Offers ‘Work From Home’ Job Opportunity For Military Spouses

January 5, 2008

Back in July, I introduced our readers to a new record label, To The Fallen Records, which is the first all military record label. All artists on their CD’s are current or former military members. The first CD they produced was a rap CD. Just recently, To The Fallen Records has released Rock and Country CDs as well. I’ve got all three CDs and can honestly say I am very impressed at the extreme amount of musical talent in our Armed Forces. I recently received a newsletter update from To The Fallen Records, announcing a new program for 2008, which offers work from home opportunities for Military Spouses.

TTFR kicks off 2008 with Base Rep. Program for MilSpouses!

To The Fallen Records has announced a new program for MilSpouses who love our music and want to spread the word about the world’s only military record label.

TTFR MusicCards are a credit card size download card that allows the user to choose 1 of 3 TTFR compilations to download. Base reps will be able to offer a discounted price ($10 compared to $12.99) to their customers along with FREE shipping on all future TTFR purchases during 2008.

The program allows MilSpouses to work from home with a flexible schedule. There are no quotas, no set schedules and no hidden fees. A spouse purchases the “Starter Package” for $100 (valued at $263) which includes 20 cards, all 3 CDs, and a short sleeved logo T-shirt FREE. Base Reps will earn $5 per card sold. We are looking for people who are “early adopters” at each base/post. You are the person who tells all your friends about a great new pair of shoes you found, tv show, or children’s product. In our case, of course, it is music that you can relate to and feel everyone should know about!

This is our way of giving back to the MilSpouses who really want to be involved and help support these military artists!

If you are interested, email Christine Sullivan, our Marketing & Outreach Director, at To learn more about the Base Rep Program, visit their webpage.

To The Fallen Records has come a long way since I first interviewed it’s founders Sean Gilfillan and Sidney DeMello for my story in July. Not only are you able to purchase the CDs on their website, you can also purchase other merchandise, download free songs each pay period and download entire albums as well, by following this link. Take some time to visit To The Fallen Records and check out some of the awesome things they have going on over there. Once again, I would like to thank Sean and Sidney for this wonderful avenue, which allows the music of our talented Troops the opportunity to be heard by the world. I look forward to many more great things to come from To The Fallen Records.

Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down

December 9, 2007

The rock band 3 Doors Down has released a new song titled, “Citizen Soldier”. The song was written for the Army National Guard and is being used by them in their latest ad campaign. It is a pretty good song. Many of you may have already seen this video, as it is being used a movie theater ad block. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of 3 Doors Down’s newer music, however, this is a great song and the video is a must see.

I copied a message that Brad Arnold, the band’s front man, released on Memorial Day this year.

“Stop for a moment today to pray for a soldier. Remember what they give up to fight for you and me. Honor their sacrifice. Never forget that we live in the land of the free because of the brave.”

Without further ado, I bring you the video for “Citizen Soldier”.

Flag Up High… New Video for the Song By Tony Diana

November 17, 2007

Back in March, when we first started the Tunes For The Troops section on the blog, I did an interview and story about an artist, who is a personal friend of mine, Tony Diana. Tony so graciously helped out back on Memorial Day weekend of 2005, when myself and a couple of friends put together a Troop Support Rally/Concert in the Aberdeen, Maryland area. Tony donated his time to come to Maryland from Florida to perform for that event. Not only was I able to meet a great artist who is 100% behind our Troops, but I met a lifelong friend as well. Tony himself is a veteran of the US Army, so he knows firsthand what it’s like to be away from friends and loved ones, thousands of miles away from home. That’s also when I met CJ from ASP for the first time. CJ has a pet name for Tony, as he thinks he sounds a bit like Bob Dylan, so CJ calls him “Tony Dylan.”

Tony just released a new version of the video that goes along with his song, Flag Up High. This song was written a couple of years ago, by Tony, in response to the news about some Homewoners Associations across the country, not allowing their members to fly our nation’s flag. I think you’ll like this video. Along with the words, it has a lot of impact. Take some time to visit Tony’s website and check out the other music he’s written and performed in support of our Troops.

Artists Team Up To Create CD To Thank The Troops

November 16, 2007

So many times today, we see splashed across our television sets, about this or that celebrity who denounces the War on Terrorism and the mission that our Troops our doing. So it’s refreshing for me to find out that at least some of the celebrities don’t follow the lead of the crowd and think for themselves. The artists that I’m about to tell you about, should be applauded for their efforts and their willingness to participate in this project.

Today, it was announced by America Supports You that 13 major recording artists have joined forces to create a musical “Thank You” for the Troops. Entitled “CD for the Troops” this CD will be available to anyone who has a valid military ID to download off of the internet at AAFES starting tomorrow.

“we’re thankful to all the artists who have agreed to lend their name and talent to this special CD,” said Allison Barber, deputy assistant secretary of defense for internal communications and community liason. “To have ‘CD for the Troops’ produced and dedicated in special honor to our active-duty military members and veterans is just another demonstration of the support so many people in our nation have for our Troops.”

One artist, John Ondrasik, singer and songwriter for the group ‘Five For Fighting’ was the driving force behind making sure that the project came to reality. Artists who performed on the CD are, Billy Joel, Brooks & Dunn, The Goo Goo Dolls, Jewel, Josh Groban, Los Lonely Boys, Melissa Ethridge, The Neville Brothers, Sarah McLachlan, The Lt. Dan Band, Montgomery Gentry, The Fray and Five For Fighting. Ondrasik was the leading force on the CD, after he was asked to write a forward and contribute a song to a CD that was a compilation of local bands sending music to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I thought the idea was a wonderful gesture,” said Ondrasik, explaining his belief that music is a unique medium that can affect morale and mental health. “I started making a few calls to friends of mine, and six months later, we have the CD for the Troops.”

Ondrasik is a very loyal and staunch supporter of our Troops and says that he’s grateful for the sacrifices that they make. According to Ondrasik, he knows that the sacrifices made by the men and women who wear this nation’s uniform, have ensured his family’s liberty and allowed him to be able to pursue music as a profession.

“Let’s be honest, there would be no songs of consequence without the Soldiers who allow us a voice,” he said. “I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I think it’s important to recognize that artists from across the political spectrum came together to make this gesture of appreciation and thanks to our Troops.”

The hopes are that the free downloads for the Troops will be available on the AAFES website will be available through April, more tangible forms of the CD will soon be making their way over to the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Working with Operation Give and Operation Shoebox, over 50,000 actual CD’s will be put into holiday packages and shipped to the Troops. According to Ondrasik though, regardless of how the Troops hear the music, he has hopes that the songs will inspire, motivate and provide them with avenues for reflection or perhaps even a simple distraction from the warzone for a few minutes.

“If anything, let each tune be a small piece of home to carry you forward,” he said. “Thank you for all you do, and feel free to shoot me an email with requests for ‘CD for the Troops II.’”

To say that I’m very impressed and pleased with what these artists have done, would be putting it mildly. I have hopes, that what they’ve accomplished, will inspire other artists and performers to do something similar.


Honoring Our Troops & Veterans Through Song … “Where Freedom Flies” by Diana Nagy

November 7, 2007

With Sunday being Veteran’s Day, I’m honored to be able to introduce our readers to a wonderful artist, who pays tribute to the men and women currently serving and those who have served in the past, through a powerful song called “Where Freedom Flies.”

I originally came across Diana Nagy’s music on Move America Forward, when I received an email from them following their last Troop Support Rally across the country. When I listened to the song, I knew that Diana had a powerful message to share with our country, about her love and support of our Troops and our Veterans. So, I contacted Diana and arranged to speak with her on the phone, Monday afternoon.

The lyrics for :”Where Freedom Flies” were written by Diana’s mother. Diana shared that her mother and been watching the news and saw a report of anti-war protestors burning the US Flag. Needless to say, Diana’s mother was extremely upset by this horrible display, that was splashed across her television set. After she went to bed that night, she couldn’t sleep, thinking about what she had seen, so around 3am she got up and put into words what she was feeling about what she had witnessed. The next day, she called Diana and told her about the song. Upon reading the lyrics, Diana said that she got chills and was moved to tears by the powerful words that her mother had written. She felt that it needed to be put to music and began the process of arranging the lyrics and music.

Diana shared that she and her family have always been very patriotic and have always stood behind our Troops and our Country. At the time that she recorded “Where Freedom Flies”, she wasn’t sure where it was going to go or what the impact of the song would be. She stressed that she and her mother wanted the song to be a tribute to our Troops and our country, without any political platform.

Diana supports several military related charities with the proceeds from her song. “Where Freedom Flies” has been chosen as the theme song of Move America Forward, who organize several Pro-Troop, Pro-Mission rallies across the Country. Their most recent project is to provide Christmas Baskets for the Troops. People wishing to help with this effort can purchase one of Diana’s CD’s and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help with this project. You can also purchase the CD and ask that it be added to one of the Christmas baskets that Move America Forward will be sending to the Troops. Move America Forward will be holding a “Honoring Heroes at the Holidays Tour” from November 26th through December 16th starting in California, across the Southern part of the US and up the East Coast, ending on December 16th for a special Pro-Troop Rally at the World Trade Center grounds. Diana will be accompanying them on the tour and performing at the stops they make.

Another organization that Diana supports is Sentinels of Freedom, who has also chosen “Where Freedom Flies” as their theme song. Sentinels of Freedom was founded by Mike Conklin, of Danville, California. Diana was really excited about the work with our Wounded Warriors that Sentinels of Freedom is doing. From the website of Sentinels of Freedom, I would like to share how the program was started.

The father of three Army Rangers, Mike Conklin from Danville, Calif., was inspired to reach out to severely injured veterans after one of his sons was wounded in Iraq in 2003.
Impressed by the level of care his son received in military hospitals, and wanting to do something tangible to support U.S. troops, Mike created the nonprofit Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation sm. The four-year program is meant for veterans with severe service-related injuries who have the aptitude, attitude, and drive to become independent and successful members of society. Scholarship recipients are called “Sentinels” in honor of their sacrifice and commitment to guarding America’s freedomThe First Sentinel.

With the help of Mike’s close friends and business associates, the first volunteer team formed and the program came together just in time for Spc. Jake Brown’s return to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004.

Jake was crushed by a tank while he served in Germany in 2003. After 26 surgeries and nearly a year of rehabilitation, he was welcomed home and introduced to the Sentinels support system, made up of local leaders, area businesses and community groups.

Preparing for Jake’s arrival united a community, and Mike realized the efforts didn’t have to stop with one soldier in one area of the country.

Now others have joined Jake in the program. All are service members who needed a fresh start. They are flourishing because teams of volunteers found the room in their communities and accepted a role in helping these wounded warriors regain their independence.

Sentinels of Freedom is committed to helping communities across the United States support as many of these men and women as possible. One Sentinel, one victory at a time.

The Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation is an IRS Approved 501( C ) 3 Non-Profit Foundation.

Starting out initially as a program in just the state of California, Mike is working hard to expand the program nationwide. Their Creed and Promise to our Warriors, says a lot of what they’re attempting to accomplish to help make the lives of our Wounded Warriors easier. I think the work that Mike’s doing is fantastic and I can see why Diana’s so excited about Sentinels of Freedom.

But Move America Forward and Sentinels of Freedom aren’t the only Military Charities that Diana takes part in. Diana is also active in providing assistance and donations to Blue Star Moms of America and Gold Star Families. According to Diana, each time she works with Gold Star Families, she walks away with life changing experiences each time that she performs at one of their events.

Diana has been involved with music, her entire life, performing in talent shows, choir and other musical avenues growing up. Later, Diana became involved in modeling, though she still managed to make music a part of her life, by hanging out with friends who are performers. Diana said that she was amazed how their music tended to light up a room and she wanted to be able to touch people’s hearts and lives in that manner. So, using the gift for music that she has, Diana decided to give up modeling and work on her music.

Through her song, “Where Freedom Flies”, it is Diana’s hope that she can show the love and support that she has for our Troops and our Country.

“I just want to be able to give back, to reach out and touch everyone that I possibly can and remind people of the patriotic spirit of our country,” Diana said.

“Where Freedom Flies” is the first single to be released from Diana’s album, which is due to be released on November 26th.

Diana Nagy is an incredibly talented performer and better yet, one who is willing to give back to the men and women who make it possible for each of us to follow our dreams in this country, the men and women who have served and are currently serving in our Country’s Armed Forces. Without them and the sacrifices that they’ve made and continue to make, we as American’s wouldn’t have the freedom to chose our paths in life, that we do.

I’d like to share my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Diana Nagy and her mother for the beautiful tribute to our Troops and our Veterans. I’d also like to extend my thanks to Diana for being willing to help our Troops and Veterans by her dedication and willingness to contribute a portion of the proceeds from “Where Freedom Flies” to military and veteran charities. Please take some time out of your busy day to visit Diana’s site and the sites of the organizations that I have linked below and find out about their projects.

Diana Nagy website

Gold Star Families

Move America Forward

Sentinels Of Freedom

Blue Star Mothers Of America

Where Freedom Flies by Diana Nagy

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