To The Fallen Records Offers ‘Work From Home’ Job Opportunity For Military Spouses

January 5, 2008

Back in July, I introduced our readers to a new record label, To The Fallen Records, which is the first all military record label. All artists on their CD’s are current or former military members. The first CD they produced was a rap CD. Just recently, To The Fallen Records has released Rock and Country CDs as well. I’ve got all three CDs and can honestly say I am very impressed at the extreme amount of musical talent in our Armed Forces. I recently received a newsletter update from To The Fallen Records, announcing a new program for 2008, which offers work from home opportunities for Military Spouses.

TTFR kicks off 2008 with Base Rep. Program for MilSpouses!

To The Fallen Records has announced a new program for MilSpouses who love our music and want to spread the word about the world’s only military record label.

TTFR MusicCards are a credit card size download card that allows the user to choose 1 of 3 TTFR compilations to download. Base reps will be able to offer a discounted price ($10 compared to $12.99) to their customers along with FREE shipping on all future TTFR purchases during 2008.

The program allows MilSpouses to work from home with a flexible schedule. There are no quotas, no set schedules and no hidden fees. A spouse purchases the “Starter Package” for $100 (valued at $263) which includes 20 cards, all 3 CDs, and a short sleeved logo T-shirt FREE. Base Reps will earn $5 per card sold. We are looking for people who are “early adopters” at each base/post. You are the person who tells all your friends about a great new pair of shoes you found, tv show, or children’s product. In our case, of course, it is music that you can relate to and feel everyone should know about!

This is our way of giving back to the MilSpouses who really want to be involved and help support these military artists!

If you are interested, email Christine Sullivan, our Marketing & Outreach Director, at To learn more about the Base Rep Program, visit their webpage.

To The Fallen Records has come a long way since I first interviewed it’s founders Sean Gilfillan and Sidney DeMello for my story in July. Not only are you able to purchase the CDs on their website, you can also purchase other merchandise, download free songs each pay period and download entire albums as well, by following this link. Take some time to visit To The Fallen Records and check out some of the awesome things they have going on over there. Once again, I would like to thank Sean and Sidney for this wonderful avenue, which allows the music of our talented Troops the opportunity to be heard by the world. I look forward to many more great things to come from To The Fallen Records.


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