2008 MilBlog Conference Is Just Around The Corner!

June 26, 2008

[UPDATE] If anyone plans to go to the MilBlog conference and hasn’t made motel reservations yet, please let me know. I’ve got a friend who works at one of the major casino/resorts in Vegas who is working on getting us rates even better than what Blog World Expo has arranged. All she needs is a headcount, so that they can set aside a block of rooms for that weekend.

Join Me at Blog World Expo

The 2008 MilBlog conference will be held in conjunction with the Blog World Expo conference, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 20th. I’m excited to say that I will be attending this year’s MilBlog Conference for the first time. I’m really excited about it being held in Las Vegas, because not only have I never been to Vegas, but it will give me the opportunity to spend some time with a good friend of mine who worked closely with me to plan and coordinate a Military Support Rally and Concert that we had in Maryland in 2005.

The MilBlog Registration Package will include admission into the full MilBlog Conference Track, which includes all panels and the exhibit hall. The package is free of charge for milblog attendees. The staff of Blog World Expo is extending the MilBlog Registration Package to all milbloggers, milblog supporters, members of the military community, or to those who work in Troop support and the non-profit community. You must plan to attend the MilBlog Community Track in order to be elgible for the offering. If you chose to attend any of the other events at Blog World Expo, you’ll be required to pay the costs associated with those events.

If you’re a Milblogger or would like to attend the MilBlog track of the expo, you’ll need to send an email with “Request Code” in the subject line. If you’re bringing your spouse or significant other, you’ll need to request two codes. Once you have received your code, then you need to proceed with your registration.

The Blog World Expo has a lot of great information on their site about different motels and hotels that will be providing discounts to Expo attendees. Below are listed the events for the MilBlog portion of the conference: It will be great to be able to meet up with other milbloggers, some whom I’ve met and many others whom I haven’t. Word has it that CJ from A Soldier’s Perspective will be on one of the Panel’s this year. Having met CJ, I’m sure that he’ll do his best to liven up the panel. Below is a list of what will be happening at the conference:

Date: SEPTEMBER 20, 2008

Location: Blog World Expo, Las Vegas


10:30a – 11:00a: Opening Remarks and Presentation of 2007 Milbloggie Awards

11:00a – 12:00p: Are MilBlogs Still Relevant? In the wake of a successful military surge in Iraq, waning media attention and an election year, are MilBlogs as relevant to the national conversation on war as they once were?

12:00p – 12:15p: Break

12:15p – 1:15p: MilBlogging as a Community. A fascinating look at how the milblogging community was built, what it’s achieved and how deep and wide its reach has become. We’ll explore how milblogging gives a voice to supporters, parents and spouses of service members, and how that voice is effectively used to support an entire military community.

1:15p – 2:45p: Lunch Break

2:45 – 3:45p: The New Cadre of War Reporters. Reporting from the Green Zone is not an option for this gritty band of milbloggers. Today’s technology enables milbloggers and embedded reporters to report directly from the battlefield. We’ll talk with some of these milbloggers about their experiences in the combat zone.

3:45 – 5:00p: Free Time (Sit in on other panels or stroll the vendor floor).

5:00 – 6:00p: Panel TBA

6:00p: Closing Remarks

Registration is a bit complicated this year, but for good reason. Milblog attendees will be able to attend the MilBlog Track (and the exhibit hall) free of charge. We’ll be announcing the registration procedure later today or tomorrow (really, we will…..). For now, if you’re planning on attending the MilBlog track, please do not register for BWE until we post registration instructions.

As panelists, guest speakers and moderators are confirmed, we’ll make those announcements right here on the conference blog, so check back often. We’ll be shaking things up a wee bit this year. Always tweaking…. We’re looking forward to another great conference!

We’re also thrilled that JP is back from Iraq and will attend his first MilBlog Conference. JP worked hard on the past two conferences, and helped us quite a bit. Welcome home, JP!

I’m looking forward to attending this event and will try to blog during the conference and keep everyone posted on the happenings as they occur. How many of you will be attending? Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up with several of you there.


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