National Veterans Convention

April 29, 2009

Veterans Rights is a topic that is near and dear to many of us in the MilBlog world. The issues that our Troops and Veterans face are multi-faceted ones and often they aren’t aware of exactly what organizations and agencies they can turn to for help. The issues can be numerous and some are dealing with several issues at the same time. Not knowing where they can turn to, can lead to desperation and despair. We’ve told you about many of the agencies, those in the government, as well as those in the private sector, who make it their mission to assist our Troops and Veterans in need.


On May 13th and May 14th, one of these agencies, Circle Of Friends For American Veterans will be hosting a National Veterans Convention in Washington D.C. to discuss and advance veterans’ issues and hopefully raise more awareness to issues that our Veterans face. This event will feature members of the US Congress, as well as speakers with expertise on the subject of Veterans’ Advocacy. Registration for the Convention is free of charge. If you’re in the Washington D.C. area or plan to be, during that time period, I highly encourage you to participate in this event. On Wednesday May 13th, convention hours are from 8am to 6pm and on Thursday, May 14th, hours are from 9am to 5:30 pm.

According to the Circle Of Friends For American Veterans website, 14 members of Congress have already expressed interest in the convention and 7 of those have already confirmed that they will be attending. I would hope that even more will recognize the importance of the issues that face our Veterans and that many more will plan to attend. Below, you’ll find the details about the convention with instructions on how to register.


You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the National Convention for Veterans to be conducted in the distinguished Reserve Officers’ National Headquarters, a block from the US Capital in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, May 13th & Thursday, May 14th. The Convention will advance a comprehensive veterans’ platform and raise the priority for veterans in our nations’ agenda. The two day program will feature the following:
Leading Members of the United States Congress
Highly Credentialed and Outspoken Speakers & Panel Members on the Subjects Veterans’ Advocacy, National Defense and Budgetary/Spending Reform
Continuous Media Opportunities with National & Regional Outlets, Especially Live National Talk Radio

Complimentary morning and afternoon passes each day are issued until the hall is booked up. Complimentary tickets for Veterans’ Leaders Luncheon on Wednesday May 13th, Congressional Leaders’ Luncheon on Thursday May 14th and cocktail receptions are available to those with personal and institutional standing in support of American Veterans, a fiscally sound budgeted economy and a strong national defense. Confirmation numbers for all tickets will be issued until all events are filled.
To RSVP For This Event Click Here
Having problems registering online? Contact us at (800) 528-5385 and we will register you personally.
For More Regarding the Circle of Friends for America Veterans Visit Our Website

Circle Of Friends For American Veterans

Our nation is as strong as the core. Veterans are the core. We take care of the veterans and we take care of the core. May God Bless American Veterans and Continue to Bless Our Great Country.

We owe it to our Veterans and our Soldiers to ensure that they are receiving the very best when it comes to services and care, both during and after their time in service. These men and women have sacrificed so much for this country, for you and I, to ensure that we can continue to live our lives as we see fit. If you can’t attend the convention, please visit the Circle of Friends for American Veterans website to find ways that you can help to ensure that our country’s Heroes receive the very best. They deserve no less than that.


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