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February 28, 2007

If you’ll look at the top of the blog there are several tabs that will take you to other pages. A new tab that Anthony has added just today is Authors. That page will tell you a little bit about both Anthony and I, what we’re about and why we do what we do here at A Soldier’s Mind.

Celebrity status…

February 28, 2007

I just thought I’d announce that Terri has become a regular celebrity. She has been popping up all over the net recently, on various blogs and has been on air with Kit Jarrell a few times now. Just today, a rather new blog did an interview with Terri. Go take a read, get to know Terri a bit more. Head over to VA Joe to read the interview.

Fundraiser update…

February 28, 2007

As we have announced in previous posts, Terri and I have decided to raise the fundraiser goal. While we have raised the $650 needed to give the members of 3BDE STB, 1Cav Div. their challenge coins, we are asking for just a little bit more. I know the great readers out there will help us reach this new goal of $1000.

The extra $350 will be used to help the Family Readiness Group prepare for these fine soldiers’ homecoming. The Heroes Homecoming is a very special and emotional event for these soldiers. It will be the first time seeing their loved ones, families, and friends in over a year. We are so close to our goal, a few more donations will help to make this a very special day for the soldiers of the 3BDE STB, 1Cav. Div.

I almost forgot. As a special incentive, we have aquired a second flag from FOB Warhorse. Now everyone who donates will have a chance to win one of the two flags.

[Update by Terri] Thought I’d add some pictures of some of the guys in 3rd Brigade, 1CD, so you all could get an idea of who the HEROES are that we’re conducting this fund raiser for. Read more

Wounded Warriors: Helping Them “Stay In The Fight”

February 28, 2007

Due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Military has many service members who have been wounded in the line-of-duty. Members who might not be able to return to active duty, after recuperating from their injuries. What is being done to ensure that these heroes don’t end up on unemployment or on the welfare roles? The US Government recognizes that while these men and women might not be able to return to active duty due to the nature of their injuries, that many still have the drive, the spirit and determination to continue to serve their nation in some capacity.

In the US Government alone, there are several programs available to assist a wounded warrior in returning to the workforce. One such program is the Army Materiel Command’s Always A Soldier program. This program focuses on the fact that the men and women serving in the Nation’s armed forces embody the spirit, drive and commitment to serving our Nation and those qualities don’t go away after a soldier is injured.

The Always A Soldier Program is an Army Materiel Command (AMC) based initiative focused on assisting our nations wounded veterans after their selfless service to our nation and allies. The goal of the program is to provide continuing support to War-fighters beyond their active duty service. AMC is dedicated to assisting our wounded veterans just as they were dedicated to our nation when called to duty. Our Nation’s veterans honored us with their service and AMC takes seriously the sacrifice they have made. By providing jobs for veterans, AMC can clearly benefit by tapping into the valuable experience and commitment that our men and women in uniform embody.

What is inspiring to me and is sure to be to the Wounded Warriors who become involved in this program is the gentleman who is the Program Coordinator, Jonathan Herst. Mr Herst is himself a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he received multiple injuries from an IED attack during a dismounted combat mission in Mosul Iraq in August 2005, which resulted in a below the knee amputation. He was recently medically retired from the Army and has joined the Always A Soldier program as it’s coordinator on June 1, 2006. His ability to overcome his own disabilities and make a valuable contributiion to such a worthwhile project should serve as inspiration for our Wounded Warriors, in what they too can accomplish in their lives. Read more


February 28, 2007

That is about how I feel right now. As many of you noticed, last night I banned quite a few readers from ASM. I generally do not like banning members from the blog, and my bans only last for a few days. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and those opinions are always welcome on ASM. I repeatedly attempted to persuide these ignorant few to act respectfully on ASM, respect our readers, and respect their oposing views; they refused. Because of this I have been forced to ban the crew I will only refer to as the 1U gang.

This morning I was feeling bad about my decision to ban them from the blog. I was considering removing the bans and allowing them participate in the discussions, once again. I was very disturbed to find this in my inbox and find it to be one of the most vile, inexcusable things I’ve read in a long time. Glenn, I find you and your entire “gang” a dispicable bunch.

From: naval jello

…I have been working in a prosthesis factory, decided I wanted to make a difference. I get paid 46 dollars an hour to craft them, this being a skill I possess, the ones I make on my own I sell for 12,000 dollars each. This war is making me rich, and the taxpayer foots the bill. Sorry about the pun, it was unintentional.

You know they really are better than your own leg and foot, especially if you have the gout. Lucky guys, they can drink like fish now and never get it. cheers yours truly

Quick Action By Medics Saves Life Of Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child

February 28, 2007

I’d like to share a story about medics in Afghanistan who saved the life of a pregnant woman who had a gunshot wound to her abdomen. The quick actions of these medics not only saved the life of this women, but the life of her unborn child as well.

The quick thinking of Army Medics, saved not only the life of a pregnant woman at FOB Naray in Southern Afghanistan, but also the life of the child she was carrying. The woman, Noor Begum, who was 9 months pregnant and her husband, were bystanders at the scene of an insurgent attack on Afghan cargo trucks. One of the shots, struck Begum in the abdomen, hitting her womb and striking her unborn child.

“Noor Begum had traveled with her husband for 2 hours along a remote roadway to reach FOB Naray. Medics, Sgt Cody Vernon, Spc Peter Lee and Pfc Elizabeth Marsteller hurried to the gate and found the bleeding woman with a large-calibre gunshot wound to her abdomen, from which her intestines were protruding and her pregnancy was full-term. Begum was transferred to an Afghan national Army ambulance and driven to the medical tent.”

Begum was evaluated and then rushed into surgery where doctors repaired her injuries and delivered her child by caesarian section, The child, a baby boy, had a grazing wound to his buttocks from the bullet. The child was resuscitated and treated by emergency nurses. After awaking from surgery, Begum’s first questions was “Mashom singa dai?” or in English, “How is the baby?”

The mother and child were later released from the hospital, taking with them baby clothing, a stock of food and blankets, given to them by the soldiers at the FOB.

Army Times

Warrior Spotlight: Major Bruce P. Crandall, Medal Of Honor

February 27, 2007

Once again, we are reminded of the high moral character, the dedication, and the selfless sacrifices that the men and women in this Country’s Armed Forces make each and every day. One of these, Heroes, from his heroic acts of bravery during the Vietnam War was recognized for his actions yesterday by President Bush, when he was awarded the Medal Of Honor, 41 years after his heroic actions took place. This Hero, then Major Bruce P. Crandall, an aviator with A Company, 1, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), later retired from the Army as a Lt. Col. in 1977. Each time I read one of these stories, it amazes me all over again, of the calibre of men and women that we have serving in our Nation’s Armed Forces and the debt of gratitude that WE as Americans owe to these brave men and women.

Major Bruce P. Crandall distinguished himself, for his heroic actions in the November 1965 Battle at Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam. On November 14, 1965 Major Crandall braved heavy enemy fire to evacuate severely wounded troops, flying an unarmed helicoptor into the battlefield. The actions of Major Crandall and the crew he led, were depicted in the movie “We Were Soldiers Once… And Young.” Major Crandall along with his wingman and longtime friend, Major Ed Freeman, are credited with saving more than 70 wounded troops, by flying them out of the combat zone to safety. Major Freeman was awarded his Medal Of Honor in 2001. Read more

Update on Battle Zone Flag Fundraiser

February 27, 2007

After some discussion between myself and Anthony, we’ve decided to add a 2nd Battle Zone Flag to the raffle. The reason for this is, as we stated this morning, we plan to continue the raffle until the end of March. While we’ve reached the goal of $650 to allow 1SG Rodriguez to get the Challenge Coins for his soldiers, as we said, anything more that we raise will be donated to 3BSTB, 1Cav’s Family Readiness Group, so that they can plan and put together a wonderful Hero’s Homecoming for the guys. I’d love to see us reach or surpass $1000, so that we can also donate to ensure that these Heroes receive the WELCOME HOME that they deserve. As I said, the guys will be home sometime this fall… not sure on the return date yet, so the FRG is already in the planning stages of the Welcome Home, due to all the logistics that have to be arranged, with the size of this unit. In the end, the proceeds that are donated to the FRG, WILL benefit this same group of troops, when they arrived back home at Fort Hood.

Thanks once again, for the fantastic response we’ve had to this fundraiser so far. Every single one of you is AMAZING!!!

Group Reaches Out To Sons Of Fallen Warriors

February 27, 2007

This is a fantastic opportunity for the sons of our fallen warriors to attend a week-long camp in Colorado. It seems that they’ve thought of all situations, from children that might not feel comfortable spending the night at the camp, to planning activities for the mothers and siblings of the campers. The camp sponsors also encourage that uncles or adult male family members of these boys become involved in the camp as staff members, with the thought of helping to strengthen the relationship between the male family member and the son of a Fallen Warrior. I’m pretty impressed to hear about this and am looking forward to how the camp goes this summer. It’s heartwarming to see groups such as this reaching out to the families who have given so much to America.

A group in Colorado is reaching out to the sons of our Fallen Warriors, offering them the opportunity to spend a week in a safe and caring environment, where they have the ability to explore the outdoors and just act like boys. This group, Modern Day Knights, is a program which was developed by an Air Force Officer who felt the need to give something back to America’s Heroes after the loss of one of his friends in Iraq. The program is open to sons of Fallen Soldiers between the ages of 6 and 16. At no cost to the child or their family, these children are invited to attend a 6 day camp to be held in Elbert, Colorado at the Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Camp. These children can either spend the week at the camp or can attend as a day camp.

For families outside the Elbert, Colorado area, lodging and travel arrangements will be made. There will be activities arranged for the mothers and siblings not attending the camp to participate in as well.

Sponsors of the program are the Faith Community Church of Monument, Colorado, US Air Force Academy Officer Cadre and Boy Scouts of America. Though the camp is sponsored and founded on Christian faith, Modern Day Knights Camp is not a bible camp and boy from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. Staff include Major Steve Harrold of the US Air Force Academy, members of the Faith Community Church and officer Cadre of the US Air Force Academy.

Honoring Our Heroes: Iraq Veteran’s Memorial

February 27, 2007

A while back, the outreach director for Brave New Foundation left a comment on the blog about a project they were working on. I’ve since spoken with Jamiah Adams about this project and the inspiration behind it.

The Iraq Veteran’s Memorial is a project of Brave New Foundation and producer Robert Greenwald, to tell the untold stories of the brave men and women who have lost their lives in Iraq. Mr. Greenwald’s goal is to tell the story of our Fallen Heroes, WITHOUT any sort of poliltical stamp. Producer Robert Greenwald felt it is important to tell the story of the men and women who have paid the “Ultimate Price” for our Nation, that’s not being told in our media today. This video tribute will be displayed beginning on March 19th to coincide with the beginning of the Iraq War and will be a moving tribute to these heroes. The entire world will be able to learn about and know these Heroes, through video stories told by their family and friends.

Brave New Foundation, is asking for friends and family members to make a 1 minute video, sharing memories about their Fallen Hero. Each video will then be displayed on the Iraq Veteran’s Memorial, as an interactive “memorial quilt” to commemorate the lives of our brave military and have their memory live on. If friends or family members do not have equipment available to film a short clip, Brave New Foundation, has volunteers available who are willing to meet with you and film your story about your Hero. All you need to do is contact the Outreach Director, Jamiah Adams at 310-280-6117 or send her an email at .

Ms. Adams shared that they have other Iraq and Afghanistan War projects in the works, to continue to tell the stories about our Brave Heroes and their Families, that remain untold in the Mainstream Media.

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