Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 8, 2009

May 8, 2009

Strong, independent, resilient, innovative, intelligent, determined, courageous, multi-tasker, caregiver, supportive, capable, patriotic, loyal, tough, graceful, humble and selfless. All of those words, are one that can and does describe that very special person, who is a military spouse. Just like their service member spouse, they come from all walks of life, are of different sizes and shapes, different colors, religious affiliations. Some have careers of their own, while others chose to stay at home. While many military spouses are women, that isn’t always the case, as there are many men as well, who are married to a service member. They’re not issued a uniform, yet they serve this country as proudly as their spouse who does wear the uniform and you’ll rarely hear them complain about the life that they have chosen to live.

A military spouse is a unique breed of human being. Just the fact that they are married to a service member, means that they’ve chosen to accept a very special role in life. Most of them know going in, that their life will be a nomadic one, moving every 3 or so years, when their spouse is PCSd to a new duty station. They also know, given the state of the world, that their spouse is likely to be gone for long periods of time on various deployments around the world. Even knowing these things, they have made the choice to take on a very special role, that of the military spouse.

In 1984, then President Ronald Regan declared that the contributions of military spouses should be honored. Since that time, the military has designated the Friday before Mother’s Day each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Each year, all branches of the military hold events to honor these very special people who’s role in this country’s defense is so very vital. On May 5th, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, issued a message to military members and their spouses around the world.

“Each May, our nation pauses to pay tribute to our past, present and future military spouses. Nothing could be more right, or more honorable, than this. Without our families, those of us in uniform cannot serve. And truly, our spouses serve just as much as we do.

“Despite the strain of nearly eight years of war and numerous critical engagements around the globe, America’s military is stronger and more capable than ever. From personal experience, I know that much of that strength comes from our spouses. They are vital to our success. And they make the journey of service - -truly one we choose together - so much richer, rewarding, and satisfying.

“Military spouses bear great burdens, but they also know the tremendous difference they are making. That resilience is due not just to the rewards of service - which are great - but also by means of a critical network of support, one that many spouses themselves create.

“Deborah and I have seen and experienced this network ourselves - and believe us - it makes a big difference.

“On behalf of the Joint Chiefs and their families, we are proud to honor this occasion on the eighth of May. The unending service and sacrifice of our military spouses are worthy of both praise and an equally continuous commitment from a grateful nation.”


Admiral, U.S. Navy1

If you know a military spouse, please take the time today, to Thank them for their service to our country. Thank them for their contribution to our country and our country’s safety. Or why not do something special for a military spouse? Not only will it be greatly appreciated by them, but it will also know that people truely do care about our Troops and their family members.

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