Army Begins Uniform Modification Program For Wounded Warriors

August 10, 2008

Often, due to the very nature of their injuries, wounded warriors find that they have to modify their clothing to allow them more ease in getting dressed and undressed. Groups such as Sew Much Comfort have dedicated themselves to modifying clothing for the wounded warriors, as they recouperate from their injuries in military hospitals such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Brooke Army Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Medical Center and other military hospitals across the country. They adapted clothing, such as pants, shorts, swimwear and shirts, where it’s much easier for the wounded Soldier to get in and out of their clothing, by replacing the seams of the garmets with velcro. Sew Much Comfort has volunteers across the country who modify the clothing for our wounded warriors. The dedicated work of the Sew Much Comfort volunteers, has served to make life much easier for Soldiers who are recovering from their injuries.

Recently, the Army began a similar program, which would allow for modification of a Soldier’s uniforms, at no cost to them. The program, called the Wounded Warrior Clothing Support Program, officially began in May 2008. The Army recognized that many of our wounded warriors are proud of their ability to serve in the Army and that current uniforms were often difficult for wounded warriors to be able to wear. With the new program, wounded warriors can have their clothing modified according to their injuries. The program is designed to make the lives of the wounded warrior easier but to help restore their sense of pride and dignity that they deserve when they’re wearing their uniform.1

“This program is great because it takes care of our Soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. Vincent Boles, assistant deputy chief of staff, Army G-4. “The team of individuals responsible for bringing this program to life saw a need and made it happen. Now our wounded warriors can wear their uniforms with pride, dignity and comfort.”


Due to the sheer number of recovering wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Brooke Army Medical Center, those two sites were chosen as the first Army Medical Centers to have this program in place. Soldiers who are receiving their medical care at other Army Medical Centers, are still able to participate in the program, through their local AAFES stores on their respective bases. The Army has established guidelines for wounded warriors to follow when getting their clothing modified.

The process of getting a uniform modified is similar to filling a medical prescription, officials said. A Soldier will work with his or her occupational or physical therapist, who will write a prescription for the changes. This prescription is written on a Personal Clothing Request, DA Form 3078. It will specify the measurements and describe what types of modifications need to be made. The Soldier will then take this prescription and his or her uniform to an AAFES designated location to turn in the items. The modifications will be made and the uniform returned within three to five days.

Through the program, Soldiers also have the opportunity to get commercial footwear designed specifically for prosthetics. The heel of a standard Army boot is too high for use with a prosthetic and causes amputees to lean forward. The custom boots this program provides minimizes that effect, allowing Soldiers to wear the full uniform as it is intended to be worn. Customized athletic shoes are also available.

Just like customizing their uniform, Soldiers need a prescription to obtain special footwear, and they also need their commander’s signature on the prescription. The boots and athletic shoes can be purchased by either the medical facility or the local commander.


With more and more of our Wounded Warriors opting to stay active duty in the Army, I feel that this program is not only a necessity but a very wise decision by Army leaders. Programs such as this, show the Army’s dedication to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Wounded Warriors who chose to remain active duty Soldiers are able to do so. If any of our readers are interested in assisting recovering warriors, through Sew Much Comfort, please visit their website, which I’ll have a link to below. Their website details what the group does, as well as suggestions for other supplies that our wounded warriors might need during their stay at the hospital.

Sew Much Comfort Website

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