Summer Fun In Baghdad

July 6, 2008

Summertime will be here soon. Already here in Texas, the temperatures are staying around 95 most of the time. For our children, one of their favorite things to do, is to head to the local swimming pool or lake and get some relief frm the heat. This time of year in Iraq, the temperatures are soaring over 100 Degrees. In Itraq, that desire to “beat the heat” isn’t any different than it is here. On Saturday, in a sign that things are beginning to return to normal, the public swimming pool in Zawra park reopened. Children and adults plunged into the cool blue waters of the pool, as US Soldiers stood guard nearby. The pool has been closed since before the March 2003 invation. The pool has been rebuilt and is now open for business.

“It’s just great, I am very happy,” said 11 year old Muntawar, jumping into the water with his clothes on. His sisters joined him, screaming in

joy, as their mother watched from a shaded spot nearby. “This is the first time I have come to this pool, but I will come again and again with my friends,” he said.

The park is located close to the Green Zone and also includes a zoo. With the reopening, there are likely to also be more picnickers. The zoo which was once famous for it’s tigers, now shelters a few animals and birds. As things are added or renovated, more and more citizens of Baghdad will begin venturing out to the park once again.

“We are so happy. This pool is for all Baghdadis and Iraqis. All Iraqis when they come to baghdad can come here,” said a smiling Yahya Mohammed Ali, deputy mayor of Baghdad who attended the reopening ceremony. “It is a sign that peace is returning, he said, also stating that the pool and park were now safe.

This is just one more thing that the US military is doing to improve public places, which will go far in winning over the hearts and minds of the citizens of Iraq. Renovation and improvement of public utilities and places have been strongly promoted by General David Petraeus, in his counter-insurgency plan.

As new improvements are made and new businesses are opened, we’ll make sure to share that information with our readers here at A Soldier’s Mind. These things are signs that the surge is working and clearly point to the fact that it’s imperative that our Troops are allowed to finish their jobs in the country. These things also make our Troops more determined to continue the work that they’re doing.

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Yahoo News


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