Bring On The Bacon!

April 25, 2008

One thing that we were told, when I was participating actively in Troop Support organizations, was that because our Troops were deployed to Muslim countries, that we should never send pork products. We had it down to an art and were able to send our Troops things that they liked, without violating that rule. On some of the larger FOBs in Iraq and Afghanistan, pork products are served in the chow halls or DEFACs. However, at many of the smaller FOBs and outposts, Troops may go days or even weeks without tasting anything pork related. For many of us, bacon is a staple of our diets and to think that we couldn’t have bacon along with our eggs for breakfast in the morning is something that we don’t even want to consider. For our Troops who are deployed though, that’s often a reality. A Seattle-based company though, has come up with something that just might help those Troops, who are unable to get their “bacon fixes” to make it through those long deployments and keep them from going into bacon withdrawal.

A few months ago, a Marine who was deployed to al Anbar province in Iraq, ran across the website of
J & D’s Down Home Enterprises and decided to send them an email. According to the website, their product, Bacon Salt is a vegetarian and kosher seasoning salt that makes everything it’s used on, taste like real bacon. In fact, the motto of the company is “Everything should taste like bacon.” That email from the Marine, read in part:

“I’m currently stationed on a small Army forward operating post in the western part of the al-Anbar province in Iraq, with a detachment of about 60 Marines. I’m sorry to report, however, that although there are many amenities provided for us, regular access to bacon is not one of them.”

That email sparked an idea, which grew into what Justin and Dave, the owners of the company dubbed “Operation Bacon Salt.” They were determined that our Troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan would not go without the taste of bacon during their deployments. So, they sponsored the first Bacon Salt barbecue. Since then, they’ve shipped Bacon Salt to many other Troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their plans are to sponsor more Bacon Salt barbecues, once a month until our Troops redeploy home for good. They’re trying to get the word out. If you’re a Soldier stationed overseas please contact them. If you’re interested in donating Bacon Salt to the Troops, please contact them as well, via email by writing to . Apparently the initial shipment of Bacon Salt, to the Marines in al Anbar was a success, as they received another email from the Marine, along with pictures.

“Gentlemen, we received your gracious gift of bacon salt today, and I must say it is well beyond my expectations. I have attached a few photos of myself and fellow Devil Dogs chowing down on some Bacon Salt flavored popcorn. It is my intentions to never be without a bottle of such a fine deliciousness as this, regardless of meal or location. The smell and taste of bacon can make any unrecognizable, chowhall meal taste as good as the Last Supper. Once again, thank you and well done.”

Bacon Salt comes in three flavors, original, hickory and peppered. The makers of Bacon Salt are promising more flavors to come in the near future. They even have recipes listed on their website, if you’re unsure how to use Bacon Salt in your daily meals. Small, spice size bottles run for $4.49 per bottle, or you can opt for the larger size at $13.99 and they can be ordered from the Bacon Salt website. They are also branching out into the retail stores, so check the website for a location near you, that carries Bacon Salt. I know that many of us are supporting deployed Soldiers, so perhaps this is something that you’ll want to add to your next care package.

J & D Down Home Enterprises

Army Times


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