OPSEC Violations or Censorship??

March 30, 2008

Last year, we commented on the new Army regulations about milblogging, where Soldier/Bloggers were instructed to register their blogs with their chain of command and in order to maintain OPSEC, to clear all postings with their chain of command in order to ensure that they weren’t violating policy. This new regulation, Army Regulation 530-1, was a matter of much debate in the bloggosphere and many milbloggers felt that it would “tie their hands” so to speak, in what they could or could not blog about. Here at ASM, we weren’t too worried about that, as we took pains to ensure, that anything we blogged about, especially when it came to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, had already been released publically by the military.

Well, apparently, one of our fellow Milbloggers, CJ from got caught up in this new policy. On Friday, CJ posted this article about a letter he received from the Pentagon’s OPSEC Coordinating Authority on Nontraditional Media, ordering him to cease and desist operating his milblog, due to complaints that they had received from an unnamed source. To make matters worse, CJ and his co-author Cpl M were ordered to refrain from communication with each other, until the investigation was complete.

CJ has since, received a Memorandum For Record detailing the complaint against A Soldier’s Perspective. CJ has vowed that he won’t quit blogging without a fight, and as we all know, he knows that he, or any of the authors at A Soldier’s Perspective, have violated Army Regulation 530-1, or said or done anything that would in any way, put OPSEC at risk. I know for a fact that they all take great pains to ensure that nothing inappropriate is released on their blog.

I’m asking our readers, to show CJ some support. If you visit A Soldier’s Perspective, take some time to read the articles there. CJ’s posts are always informative, interesting and provide an accurate view of the military. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and let him know that you support what he’s doing.


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