Hurricane Preparations Include National Guard

August 31, 2008

Since the Global War on Terror began, thousands of National Guard Soldiers have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Their involvement in those wars however, hasn’t diminished their importance on the home front, as evidenced by preparation in Louisiana and Texas, as Hurricane Gustov heads towards the gulf coast states. They always stand prepared to respond in cases of natural or man made disasters, even though often, they too are affected by these disasters.

Mandatory evacuation orders have already been given by the mayor of New Orleans as well as several gulf coast cities in Texas, such as Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Port Arthur and others. The National Guard is already patrolling the streets in New Orleans and in Texas, federal, state and local resources are ready to deploy at a moments notice. Due to the unpredictable nature of Hurricane Gustov, citizens in Texas aren’t taking any chances and have boarded up windows, stocked up on supplies and thousands are fleeing ahead of the storm, in case it veers and ends up hitting Texas. Keep the people in the path of this horrific storm in your thoughts and prayers as it heads towards the coast.


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