Co-Founder Of Vets For Freedom Announces Bid For Congress

March 27, 2008

We’ve often said that what the country needs in Congress, is Veterans who understand, from first hand experience, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What the country needs is men and women who have served and who will do what is needed to ensure our Troops are taken care of, both at home and on the battlefield. Currently, there are several Veterans serving in Congress, but we can always use more. We need men and women who can advocate for the Troops, from the standpoint of the Troops, and don’t have an agenda tied to some special interest group, who wants to line their pockets. Hopefully, with te information I just recently received, that will in fact become a reality.

New York native and Iraq War Hero, retired Army SSG David Vellavia announced that he will run for Congress, in New York’s 26th Congressional District, following the retirement of Republican Representative Thomas M. Reynolds. Bellavia will suspend his participation in the Vets for Freedom’s National Heroes Tour.

David Bellavia is the recipient of both the Silver and Bronze Stars, and the Conspicuous Service Cross, New York State ’s highest award for combat valor. He has also been nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as the Distinguished Service Cross, for actions he took in a hand to hand battle in Fallujah in November 2004. As most of you know, Bellavia is also the author of House to House: An Epic Memoir of War, which is the story of his experiences in Iraq.

“The National Heroes Tour has been enormously rewarding,” Mr. Bellavia said, “but it is necessary to take a sabbatical from it now to spend time with Republican Party officials and community leaders here at home. I am hopeful that my next service to the country will be as a congressman from the State of New York. Working towards that end will take every ounce of my strength, energy and focus during the next seven months.”

It was my honor to be able to meet David Bellavia, just last week on the Vets For Freedom National Heroes Tour, made a stop at Fort Hood, Texas. I was impressed by his passion to advocate for what the Troops need, his passion about allowing our Troops to finish their jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan and his willingness to take the time to visit with each and every person who asked him to sign their copy of his book. In my mind, what better person for this job, then a man who’s been there, done that and knows full well what our Troops need.

Besides his involvement with Vets For Freedom, David has accomplished other great things. In Batavia, NY, where David lives with his wife and two sons, he has founded a local Veteran’s Coordination Center that focuses on the early treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other veteran-related issues and outreach programs. He’s passionate about the work he does and that passion is just what Congress needs at this juncture.

When asked if he was concerned about his political inexperience, David didn’t seem too concerned. He’s faced much tougher situations, life and death situations in the past. He’s more than proved the type of person he is.

“When you literally realize that your life depends on character and your life depends on consistency and motivating you find out that.” says Bellavia “You know what politicians don’t often times make the best leaders. Leaders are born, leaders are bred and I was baptized by fire and I think that I’m doing this because I believe I’m being called to serve.”

I think that David will make a great Congressman. I’ll be watching that race closely and letting our readers know, as things develop. Good Luck David and know that we’re behind you 100 %!
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