Clinton Continues Bid for Presidency

December 31, 2007

Hillary Clinton continues on her campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  Although Clinton talks a good game, I can’t find any expanations of any of her promises and plans.  She has continued to fill each of her speechs with plenty of metaphors and flashy gimicks, but nothing of substance. 

On national security: “Keeping our nation strong and our people safe requires that we employ the best and smartest strategies available.”

On returning soldiers:  “When the injured soldiers return home, they should be greeted with open arms, not a wall of bureaucratic red tape.  Our soldiers are facing some very difficult challenges.”  Clinton vowed to “put in place a system to get everybody to the front of the line.”

Yes, Mrs. Clinton, I agree that keeping our nation strong requires us to employ the best and smartest strategies.  I’m sorry, but what were those strategies again?  As usual the Democrats continue to critize our current strategies, without providing any alternatives.

Excellent point Mrs. Clinton, I completely agree that soldiers should be greeted with open arms.  I’m not sure what the bureaucratic red tape is, but I’m sure it is annoying.  I see a huge flaw in your vow though, there is a front and back of every line.  Somehow it doesn’t seem possible for everyone to be at the front.  I’d love to see maybe a diagram on how this new line formation works. 

And finally, Mrs. Clinton continues to take flack for completely ignoring her previous support for the Iraq war.  Clinton says she wouldn’t have voted to authorize the war if she knew then what she knows now.  Holy crap, what a revelation.  I probably wouldn’t have driven 80 MPH in a 55 MPH zone had I known a cop was around the corner.  But, rather then running from the problem, I pulled over.  I sat there as I was given my ticket, taking responsibility for my actions.  Rather then argue that my accelerator was broken, I paid the fine.  I would love to see the Democrats accept the problems we are facing in Iraq, it is a difficult situation.  How about we offer up a few ideas, other than running from the “ticket”.


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