Fact Check(Number One)

December 7, 2007

Subject; Israelis living in the Middle East.

False Claim; “The Musims were there first and it is their land, the Jews stole it.”

Made By; There are plenty of you, you know who you are. Some of you are professors, students, Code Pink members, and some of you former presidents and political figures.

My Take;

-Actually, because the Jews have lived in the Middle East for about 3 and a half milleniums before Islam even came about. The Jewish people have every bit as much  of a right to live there as the Muslims do.

For 3 thousand 7 hundred years before the birth of the third Monotheistic religion “Islam”, the area that made up the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Jordan(or the Palestinian Mandates to British and French military and civil officers after World War One) had more Jews than any other religious group currently living there. This is land that belongs to all the people of the Middle East, which includes the Jews. This land wasn’t stolen by Jews and there is no viable cause to wage a “Jihad” against them for sole propriety of it or it’s history.

In fact, land has absolutely nothing to with the Palestinian cause against the Jews. The Palestinians want to eradicate the Jews from the face of the planet as exemplified by the speeches of Iranian President Amhedinejad and Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah. Now, I am not going to say that all Muslims are Jewish hating suicide bombers. Most of them are actually peaceful people, who oppose spontaneous conflict like we do.

However, when it comes to a couple of rotten apples like Hezbollah leader Nasrallah, it would be extremely tough for somebody with a fair mind and an educated background to not be prejudice towards people like him and his ilk. Thus, the honest reputation of the Islamic people gets thrashed and soiled for no justified reason.   

As you can see, the terror organizations such as PLO, Hezbollah, and Hamas are not doing this for land. Nor is it credible to repeat the absurdly ludicrous innuendo that Jews stole the land from Muslims. Next False claim, please!


2 Responses to “Fact Check(Number One)”

  1. The Political News You Need to Know » Fact Check(Number One) on December 7th, 2007 2:48 am

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  2. SealPatriot on December 7th, 2007 2:56 am

    So, howabout that IDF? Do they have good reasons to defend themselves if being attacked by Palestinian terror organizations? I think so, but this professor who spoke at a MSA meeting at my high school two years ago doesn’t seem to think so.

    In fact, he doesn’t seem to think that Iraqis and Americans have a right to shoot at a car’s engine block when it isn’t stopping after being asked to by security forces working at checkpoints. Even if the car could possibly be a driven by a person trying to pass the checkpoint with a bomb in the trunk who wants to blow up an open market. Stupidity? Maybe, or they’ve just been soaking in their juices too long to knw when they are saying something that isn’t true.

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