Soldier Hard’s Appearance At Fort Hood

October 1, 2007

I Caught Him Smiling There

Back in July, I posted an interview with Soldier Hard who’s song, Walk With Me appears on volume 1 of To The Fallen Records. Saturday, myself and Haole went to Fort Hood PX, for the afternoon, as we heard that Soldier Hard would be appearing, and in fact, he was! It was great to meet Soldier Hard and his 4 fellow Soldiers who accompanied him that day. Haole and I stayed around throughout Soldier Hard’s autograph signing and then had the pleasure of treating him and his fellow Soldiers to an early dinner at the Food Court there in the PX complex.

He caught me taking pictures and posed

I was pretty impressed with Soldier Hard’s demeanor and professionalism. He went out of his way to take time to visit with his fan and explain about his Deployment Album which he had for sale there, as well as how he came about appearing on the To The Fallen Records Volume 1. Soldier Hard is a very down to earth young man, who’s not only a Soldier but a fantastic performer as well. I’m going to embed a video that the guys took at the PX on Saturday. For some reason, I ended up being in WAY too many of the shots. LOL! I’ll also add some of the pictures that I took that day as well. If you get the opportunity to attend any of Soldier Hard’s shows or an autograph session, please do so. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Please take some time to visit the official Soldier Hard My Space Page.

Soldier Hard & his fellow Soldiers & friends

FT Hood TX PX Signing!!!!
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