Plans For Vietnam Memorial Center Announced

May 29, 2007

Plans have been unveiled for the new Vietnam Memorial Center which will be an underground center located on the National Mall near the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The plans were unveiled in a news conference on May 23rd by the designer of the project, Ralph Appelbaum. I am really interested is seeing the progress of this new Memorial Center. Our Vietnam Vets, as we’re all aware, have for many years been treated poorly and I feel that this is one way to provide a small token of Thanks for their selfless service and sacrifices.

“The center will be a place that reveals the human dimension of the war and honors the value of service and the bonds of loyalty and friendship,” Mr. Applebaum said. “It will allow a new generation of visitors to better understand the human experience of war and the web of lives affected.”

“This is the logical next evolution of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial experience and I am enthusiastic to be part of the campaign to bring it to life,” said retired General Barry McCaffrey, who chairs the advisory board of veterans, authors, historians and educators who advise the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund officials on the exhibits.

According to Mr. Applebaum, the goals of the center are to enhance the memorial experience, honor the fallen, put faces to names of those who are memorialized on the Wall and encourage young visitors to learn more. He went on to explain that the plans for the Memorial Center were born from listening to Vietnam Veterans and learning and researching about the Vietnam War. This resulted in a clear concept for the center.

The Vietnam Memorial Center will include exhibits that display
photos of the fallen warriors, along with letters and other remembrances for each individual. There will also be an exhibit which displays values
; respect, loyalty, courage, duty, service, honor and integrity, along with excerpts of letters from the fallen warriors that convey each concept. There is a planned artifact collection, of items that have been left at the Vietnam Wall in honor of the fallen warriors. A timeline chronology of the war and key actions, history of the memorial, resource center where visitors can access additonal information and a legacy of service section which provides a visual connection to those who served in Vietnam and all Americans who have served, past, and present.

“The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center will be a place that touches the heart and teaches the mind, enhancing the memorial experience for people of all ages and walks of life, taking them on a journey through layers of storytelling and history,” said Harry Robinson, a board member of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund who also spoke at the news conference on May 23rd.


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  1. CommanderMom on May 29th, 2007 10:14 am

    Wow, the Vietnam Memorial Center sounds like it will be an incredible place. Definately looking forward to being able to take the family to visit.

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