Red, White & Blue Americans by Mark Leland

April 29, 2007

Sometimes you come across a song that really hits home. The latest song that we’re featuring here at A Soldier’s Mind, Red White And Blue Americans by Mark Leland is one of those songs. Not only does this song capture the spirit of our troops and the sacrifices that they daily make, but it also captures the thoughts and feelings of so many of us who devote ourselves to supporting our troops.

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce our readers to another great artist, Mark Leland. An artist whose passion for life and the things that many of us face in life are quite evident in every one of his songs. Mark Leland isn’t a stranger to the music scene, having released several CD’s. Not only does Mark have a fantastic voice that will captivate listeners, but his skill as a songwriter is top-notch. Every one of his songs, skillfully tells a story about life and the ups and downs that are so typical in life. Mark fell in love with music when he was very young, singing in a church choir at 7 years old. At 15, Mark picked up his first guitar and his journey began. Later that week he wrote his very first song and he’s continued to write, perform and share his gift of music with the world ever since.

Mark Leland has made it his quest in life to “give back” through his music and he does this in many ways. Not only has he written a fantastic tribute to our troops, a song that is full of hope and encouragement for our troops, he has also dedicated himself to bringing awareness of Autism to the forefront and tells of the challenges that families who have a child with Autism face every day, as well as the struggle that these children must face, as they journey through life. A portion of his latest CD, Missing Pieces is donated to organizations that can assist families in affording the treatment needed to help their autistic children succeed. As the song Missing Pieces is being played more and more, Leland is frequently asked to perform at autism benefits across the country. Parents of autistic children who have heard his song are sharing his enthusiasm with other members of their community. Together, Leland and his fans are spreading autism awareness across the nation and possibly, the world. I sent Mark an email last night, after hearing Red White and Blue Americans and he kindly responded.

Thank you for the email and the website that you have to support our great troops. It is my honor to write you back and tell you about the song and how it came about. I was nearing the end of completing my 2nd cd in Nashville, and felt a strong desire to write a song of encouragement for our soldiers that were overseas and on the homefront. When the war began, it seemed everyone was so involved with staying up with it, and over time, the more the media covered it, the less Americans were concerned. I have a duty as an American, not just a Nashville country artist, to do my part in standing behind these men and women. So I sat down with my guitar and pen and paper and started with a catchy melody to find the feel for the song. After I found it, the words almost came like running water. I wanted the soldiers to know that this song was for them and not necessarily about them. It was written for encouragement and thankfulness to them for all the great sacrifices that they give. We all want to see them come home quickly and end the bloodshed that occurs in every war. There are just too many lives being lost for a country that doesn’t really appreciate the sacrifices that are being made for their own Freedom. Red, White and Blue Americans is a song of hope, encouragement and the message that we are very proud to be Americans. I have plans to make a music video for the song in the near future and the song will be released out to country radio in a couple of months nationally. I want the troops to know that no matter what, I am behind them 100%, and will always be. I now have a son that is serving in Army Airborne over in Tallil, Iraq. So yeah, my prayers and support are strong for our troops. Their commitment and safe return are vital to this great nation. Thanks for the opportunity to email you about the song.

God Bless,
Mark Leland
Mallory Records/Nashville

I’m asking all of our readers to take a few moments to visit Mark’s website and his and listen to even more of this talented musicians songs. I guarantee you, that you’ll be glad you did.

Red, White & Blue Americans


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