Tips From Iraqi Citizens Spell Success In Baqubah

April 28, 2007

The local citizens of the Tahrir neighborhood in Baqubah are tired. Tired of living daily under the constant fear that they might be the next innocent victim at the hands of the insurgents. Because of this, they’ve decided that they’re going to do something about the insurgents.

These brave citizens led Iraqi Army, police and Coalition forces to over 20 weapons caches and aided them in the capture of 5 suspected terrorists and around 25 of the terrorists dead. More than 20 IEDs that were emplaced throughout the neighborhood were also discovered.

The weapons caches contained small arms weapons, over 5 mortar tubes, close to 140 artillery and mortar rounds, over 10 rocket propelled grenade launcher, 55 RPG rounds, over 10,000 small arms ammunition, grenades and material to construct IED’s including several hundred pouds of home-made explosives, times and blasting caps.

“As we continue our aggressive and persistent operations, the discovery of these caches shows that our forces have entered yet another perceived safe haven,” said Col. David W. Sutherland, 3-1 Cav. commander and senior U.S. Army officer in Diyala. “The enemy shows nothing but hatred and disdain toward the innocent people of Diyala, and these weapons systems are clear indicators of that. The ongoing operation will allow the Iraqi Security Forces to maintain a permanent presence in the area while simultaneously providing security for the people of Tahrir.”

“As in Buhriz, the citizens of Tahrir are gaining more and more confidence in the Iraqi army and police,” Sutherland added. “It is vital that their security forces maintain a permanent presence as they are the true defenders of this country. Together with the ISF, we remain focused on targeting the enemy and disrupting their operations.”

I would have to agree with Col. Sutherland. Anyone who implants IEDs and hides weapons in neighborhoods, has no value for the lives of innocent citizens, many of whom are children. Their only goal is to induce terror into the innocent and use them to achieve their evil and twisted goals. They don’t care, if a small child stumbled across these items and ends up a victim of their depravity. They almost gleefully target the weak and innocent, in hopes that by doing so, they can gain their support, through fear. I’m impressed to hear that the people of this neighborhood, as well as many others are standing up to the terrorists and doing what it takes to rid their neighborhoods of them.



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