“The Soldier Song” and “Honor The Fallen” by Sally Mudd

February 23, 2007

With the voice of an angel, a heart of gold and the talent to match, Sally Mudd gives her all when it comes to supporting the troops. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting and working with Sally in May 2005, when she donated her time and talent in a project that myself and a couple of my friends undertook in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland area. We had planned a Troop Support Rally for Memorial Day weekend of that year and started contacting artists who had recorded songs in support of our troops. I was greatly impressed with Sally’s song called The Soldier Song and contacted her. She immediately agreed to donate her time and talent to our cause, and came to Maryland from her home in the Nashville, Tennessee area to perform at our rally.  I have an even more recent example of just how loving and giving Sally is, when it comes to our troops. A few days ago, I had posted here about Marty’s unit needing music for their memorial services there in Iraq.  So, I contacted Sally to ask permission for them to use her song, “Honor The Fallen” in some of their memorial services for their fallen bretheren.  Sally not only said she that sadly enough she would be honored, but offered to mail them a copy of  “Honor The Fallen” and asked how many were in his unit, so that she could also send them each a copy of “The Soldier Song.” 

Hearing Sally perform The Soldier Song in person and seeing her belief in what she was doing in support of the troops, was nothing short of amazing. Her soft, sweet, melodic voice and the powerful message of her song had everyone in attendance mesmerized. Hearing her story about how The Soldier Song came about, made me realize that Sally was destined to write and perform this important song. From Sally’s website, her story about The Soldier Song.

I would love nothing more than to than to tell a story of how my patriotism was at an all time high or how some current event sparked a fire that had been burning deep inside and inspired me to write “The Soldier Song.” This, however, is simply not true. This song came out of nowhere. I was actually trying to write about a homeless person. My focus was on some sort of story that would go along with the title, “you don’t even know my name.” Still, I kept hearing these lyrics in my head that didn’t pertain to my subject matter. I got very frustrated, and in an effort to just get them out of my head, I wrote them down. That’s when I realized, I had written 3/4 of “The Soldier Song.” I finished the song a couple of days later, and tried it out on my friend, Denise. She was full of encouragement, which just started the ball rolling.

I later went into the studio to record a demo of the song with my husband, Pat. We said, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if someone like Crystal Gayle (a legendary talent known for her military support) would record it!” A couple of weeks later, we heard that Crystal was in fact going to record it. I was floored, humbled, blown away, not to mention just down right proud!

She released it in May of 2003 and sent it to radio stations everywhere. It got a little airplay from shows like Carl P. and the P-Team on 103.3 WKDF, who are big military supporters, but overall, the big stations would not add it to their playlists. After it was more than obvious that radio was not going to help get the song heard, I decided to find another way. Not only for the soldiers, who more than deserve to hear a thank you for what they are doing, but for all the people like me, who NEED to say “thank you” and don’t really know how. That’s what these cards are for — to simply help people make a connection.

I have been truly blessed to have written this song, or more accurately speaking, written this song down. That’s all I really did. I wrote it down on paper. The author is someone far greater than I. Someone who knew that my patriotism needed a big boost. Someone who knew that soldiers everywhere, past and present, deserve to hear how appreciative the rest of the world is of their sacrifices. Someone who knew that it was time to stop asking why and simply say “thank you!” — Sally Mudd

Since that time, Sally has written another song, “Honor The Fallen” which is equally as powerful and meaningful to the troops and their families. Sally has created a non-profit organization, in order to distribute her wonderful songs to the people who need to hear it the most, our Troops. Please take the time to visit Sally’s website and learn more about this incredibly talented woman. There you can purchase Sally’s music, which allows her to send her songs and the card that comes with them, to our deployed troops. You may also request purchase a copy to send to a deployed soldier at the site. The Soldier Song
The Soldier Song
Honor The Fallen


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