“Soldier’s Cry” by Roland Majeau

February 14, 2007

Roland Majeau draws from life experiences in his music. Through song he is able to convey and deliver deep emotions and convictions about situations in life common to us all. With word and note his music presents a message that encourages either laughter or tears.

In his long and varied career, Roland Majeau has developed his writing skills which focus on real life issues. Through his music, Roland Majeau tells a story. Soldier’s Cry, is one of those life stories.

In 1992, Canadian singer and songwriter Roland Majeau wrote a song to honor military veterans because he felt that they were being forgotten. With the outbreak of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq Roland was seeing a similar things happen because he felt that many people did not want to acknowledge the sacrifices that soldiers and their families make, so he re-recorded the song, Soldier’s Cry.

Roland writes, “I am extremely grateful to live in a free country (Canada) and I am also grateful that I live next door to the USA. Tens of thousands of soldiers have given their lives (from both our countries) so that we can enjoy the freedom that we have today.” Roland further shares, “Please convey that I support the troops. Words cannot adequately describe my gratitude nor the debt that I feel I owe to them. My hope is that many soldiers, family and friends will hear the song and be encouraged by it.”

Roland Majeau has written a version to honor Canadian troops, a version to honor US troops and a version to honor British troops. He unsuccessfully attempted to have his song played on the Armed Forces radio. Due to automation, they don’t have the ability to play requested songs, as they have no DJ’s, but instead rely on pass-through from radio stations in the US. They suggested that Mr. Majeau contact America Supports You, which he did and his song is featured on America Supports You. This is Roland Majeau’s message to the troops, one that I think they can all relate to and I hope stirs something in those who aren’t military:

“Talk of trouble is sent through the country and we need an army to fight for the right.
Young men enlist and are sent to the battle to fight the offender and help our allies. And the young men cry, “America, we’ll gladly go and fight for thee.”
And the young men cry, “America we’ll fight to keep you free.”
The battle’s raging, gunfire is blazing, a tired young soldier is clinging to life.
He’s ordered on and obeys by advancing, no hope of returning from the enemy fire.”

To learn more about Roland Majeau, and hear even more of his songs, please visit his website.



3 Responses to ““Soldier’s Cry” by Roland Majeau”

  1. Tony Diana on February 14th, 2007 7:59 pm

    I listened to Roland’s song and it is stunnngly beautiful! I went to his website and it was interesting to see that he ran into the same roadblock that I did, in that the military radio in Iraq pumps in music that is pre-recorded in 8 hour tapes from California. I even exchanged emails with the same people that Roland mentions on his site who are based in California. Somehow it does not surprise me that our troops are fighting for us and yet they cannot even request a tune on their radio station. Nonetheless it take’s nothing away from Roland’s tribute and it is fantastic that he is taking it directly to the troops!

  2. Terri on February 14th, 2007 8:02 pm

    I agree Tony. What we’re hoping is that by Anthony and I featuring the music of artists such as you and Roland, and may others, that your messages and support will get out there to the people who need to hear it the most, THE TROOPS!

  3. Anthony on February 14th, 2007 9:18 pm

    I was very upset to read that on Roland’s website. Hopefully we’ll help to get yours and others music out to a few more people.

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