Self Introduction

January 27, 2007

Since I’ve already posted a few articles and haven’t introduced myself, I figure that I’d better do that.    Some of you already know me from my posts on a couple blogs.  My name is Terri, and I live in the Fort Hood, Texas area.  I work on Fort Hood as a Victim Advocate and have been involved in various military support efforts since 2000.   I’m the girlfriend of a currently deployed 1st Cav Soldier and the mother of a Texas National Guard Soldier.   My passion is doing everything I can to support our troops and letting them know how much the job they do and the sacrifices they make, is appreciated.  I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and am open to story ideas.  Because of my work as a Victim Advocate, I see a lot of situations directly caused by the effects of PTSD as it affects our troops.  So, I’m going to be starting a weekly series of articles on PTSD, what it is, innovations in treatment both in the military sector and outside the scope of the military and places where our troops can turn to for help.  This is a very real problem due to the traumatic things our troops and civilian contractors in the war zone are experiencing and it’s something that needs to continue to be addressed.


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