December 28, 2006

Well, looks like I’ll be sticking around on ASM for a bit longer.  Since I’ll be blogging more I’ve decided to change it up a bit.  I got tired of logging in and seeing the same old thing over and over.  I hope the new design is well received, it took me a few hours to get it just right and tweaked for ASM.  Please leave me comments and let me know what you think of the change.  I’d like to know if it’s good, bad, or doesn’t really matter.


5 Responses to “Changes…”

  1. on December 29th, 2006 6:50 am

    Looks good, man. I really like it.

  2. Chad on December 29th, 2006 9:20 am

    Really like the new look though I do miss the camo green.

  3. Kat in Ga on December 29th, 2006 1:28 pm

    Lookin’ good!

  4. on December 29th, 2006 2:36 pm

    I like it, myself. It’s much more simple and pleasing to look at. Very asthetic.

  5. Nephi on December 29th, 2006 2:59 pm

    I agree with CJ and Cpl.M - nice job on the site.

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