Recruiting the best…

October 20, 2006

This morning I received an email from a worried mother whose son is considering joining the United States Army. She asked me for my opinions on the Army as well as informed me that she is trying to lean her son more towards the Air Force. I wrote her back with my opinions on the Army, as well as my opinions on the other Armed Services. I would like my readers to please leave their opinions, pros, cons and other information on all four services. Hopefully this will help her and her son make an informed decision.

Army Strong…

October 17, 2006

Well the Army has spent a billion dollars on a new five year advertising campaign titled Army Strong. Although I disagree a little that they have spent so much money on advertising and I can’t even get post-it notes from supply because we are short on funds. The new commerical makes up for that though, I’ll just run to the PX tommorrow and get my own post-its. You can check the video out below, it reminds me of the trailer for a new Steven Spielberg movie.

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