Thrown to the wolves…

February 27, 2006

Your Doing It Wrong!I reported to work today, just like any other day. The only difference is the previous Training NCO, who was teaching me how to do this job, is now gone. A week of training, and now I’m being thrown to the wolves.

Normally this idea doesn’t bother me, but I still have no idea what I’m doing. I am buried neck deep in paperwork, and the pile only seems to be getting bigger. Every time I accomplish one task, four more are added to the queue. I hope I get the hang of this soon!

I left work today, rather frustrated and with a slight headache. When I got home I decided to seek the advice of my father, who served 20 years in the Army, and always has some words of wisdom for me. When I told him about my day, he shared some guidance and experiences with me. The comment that stuck out in my head was this, “When you can’t finish your work in an eight hour day, your doing it wrong.”

I have printed up a few signs with this quote on them, and will place them around my cubicle tomorrow. Hopefully these signs will serve as some sort of inspiration. Maybe when a task just seems to keep going wrong, the sign will remind me to stop, reevaluate my approach, and start again.


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