One of the longest first days of my life…

February 13, 2006

I started my new job today, A Co. Training NCO. When I volunteered to take the job, I thought it would be a good break from the 12-hour shifts I have been working. I though to myself, “Hey, it’s only a 9-5 job, can’t be that bad, right?” As I found out today, I was incredibly wrong!

My day started at 0630 with PT, holy shit it is cold that early in the morning. The PT wasn’t bad, got a decent workout from the two miles of interval training we did. After going home and showering, and returning to work at 0900 I began my training.

Training consisted of my sitting and listening to my PSG as she threw more accronyms, forms, and other various training topics than I have every heard. I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll get the hang of it.”

After lunch I actually got to sit down and do some work. I was faced with about four different schedules, for five different platoons. Now the challenge was to find all the important data, and make one unified company training schedule. All I can say is, I have the worst headache of my life, I have barely gotten the training schedule projected eight weeks out.

Dear Lord, please make tommorrow a little slower. I’m bringing alot more coffee, and a bottle of asprin with me tommorrow.


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