Game Show Producer Seeking Military Families For Contestants

June 2, 2008

Anytime you turn on the television nowdays, we’re deluged with various game shows and reality shows. The producers of ABC’s newest game show is looking for military families to become contestants on the pilot episode of their show, which according to reports, will offer a huge cash prize. Families who wish to apply must submit their requests by July 3rd.

There hasn’t been a lot of information released about the show, such as the name of the show, the amount of the prizes and what kind of game show it will be, due to proprietary reasons, according to Victor Hurtado, who is the head of Martenvee Media which specializes in military casting. He did say however, that the show will be family friendly and it will involve general knowledge questions. The contestants that the shows’ producers are looking for are families who are “outgoing and fun” and who have children between the ages of 7 and 21. The idea is to have the entire family participate in the show, where the show will come to the family’s home.

According to Hurtado, the show is produced by the same producers of “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition” and “Oprah’s Big Give.” Hurtado said that the producers understand the sacrifices made by military families and that they would like to reach out to this community. Because it’s difficult for them to get onto military bases, they’ve decided to reach out publicly to military families who would like to apply to be contestants.

The following information is required of families who want to be contestants on the show. They need to email the information to .

Contact Information
Pictures of your family and your home
Brief biography of each family member and their ages
Any challenge you’d like to include
Wish list of home improvements
A statement of why you want to be on the show

Families are invited to send as much or as little information, as they’re comfortable with. If their entry sparks the producers interest, they will contact the family to get more information through their local military installation’s PAO office.

This sounds like it could be fun for military families and definately a way to highlight to the world, what our military families sometimes have to deal with, especially during deployments. I’ll be checking into this further and will update the information as I get it.

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