Update: SPC Ross McGinnis

May 29, 2008

I haven’t written in a very long time and I do appologize.  I will soon be connected again and will be able to get back to the work at hand.  However, I did come across a story that both myself and Terri publish back a few months ago. 

SPC Ross McGinnis gave the ultimate sacrifice for his Country and his fellow Soldiers.  He smothered a grenade that had entered his HMWVV while on patrol, thus saving the lives of his fellow convoy members.  You can read more at our previous stories.  Archive

On 2 June 2008, SPC McGinnis’ will receive the Medal of Honor, the highest award and honor that any Soldier may receive.  The Medal of Honor will be presented at a White House ceremony to his parents, Tom and Romayne McGinnis.  You can read more at the US Army Medal of Honor website.


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