A Time To Reflect

January 18, 2008


As we continue to push through 2008, we must look back at the events that shaped our nation and made us what we are today. I start with December 7th 1941. This is a day that went down in the history books as one of the worst military disasters in history.

On December 7th 1941, Pilots from the Japanese Air Force, attacked Pearl Harbor, killing many men, and causing millions of dollars in damage. Our forces, relaxed from a hard 1st quarter of work, had no idea of the attack and slaughter that would ensue. That fatal attack rocked us out of our peaceful slumber, and the idea of avoiding the war. We were brought into WWII and the ending of 2 empires. The first being Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and the second being the Japanese control over the Pacific, to include; Midway Island, Johnston Atoll, the Philippines, and parts of Eastern China.

The German war would have ended with victory had it not been for 2 blunders on Hitler’s part.

1. Hitler, after a decisive victory over every country in Europe, except Switzerland who remained a neutral territory; attempted to invade Great Brittan from France’s North Shore.

2. Hitler ordered his forces to invade Russia. His target “Moscow” and the Communist Party’s headquarters.

Now that Hitler was fighting a 2 front war, it seemed that his mistakes would come back to haunt him for the remainder of his days. With an elite battle hardened force, The Royal Navy, and Air force began to take back Europe, and had the German Forces in full retreat. On the Eastern Front, German Forces came literally within 15 miles of Moscow, however, Hitler’s men were tired, hungry, freezing cold, and lost all their motivation. Hitler sent them through with limited supplies and ammo, which ultimately caused them to lose their steam. They ran out of food, equipment began to break, and the men got no support from back in Berlin. When the Russians got their chance, they attacked and pushed through the German line and began an invasion plan that would take them straight into the heart of Berlin. Most of Hitler’s men surrendered to the Russians, but many died soon after, due to the bitter temperatures, malnutrition, and killings that the angry Russians committed on them.

By this time, shortly after December 7th 1941, American Forces became involved and began operations for the liberation of Europe. Now with Hitler having 3 sides to fight against, he had nowhere to go, but down. Mila 18, the secret bunker and headquarters for the Nazi Party, Hitler, his wife Ava Braun, their children, and other key members of Hitler’s Alliance, would ultimately be Hitler’s final resting place.

Our beloved 82nd Airborne Division and other airborne elements, launched a surprise attack on Hitler’s Forces in Northern Africa and began the liberation of Europe. It was a race between British General, Montgomery, or “Monty” if you will, and American General “George S. Patton”. The race took them through northern Africa, eventually liberating Italy, then up through Europe to the final destination “Berlin, Germany”. Some time during the spring and summer of 1945, German Forces surrendered at Berlin and the clash between the Democratic West, and Communist East, created the Berlin Wall, which stood for over 30 years before it was finally torn down.

Now we turn our attention from Germany to Japan. On August 6th, 1945. Hiroshima saw for the first time the destructive might of the United States most horrifying weapon. The Nuclear Bomb! Hiroshima was bathed in an eerie orange glow after a detonation of a nuclear bomb dropped from the “Enola Gay”. Witnesses described the scene as one of the most horrifying sights possible. People were astonished and scared when they saw that giant mushroom cloud pushing up from the earth. Japan was reeled and caught off guard by the attack.

Another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945 which brought WWII to its conclusion. The Atomic Bomb ended the war, but would be an ominous threat which to this very day threatens to wipe us from the face of the earth.

A nuclear proliferations treaty was signed into place, and the largest most powerful nations agreed that the bomb should never be used as a threat against another country, and that each nation should disarm their nuclear weapons programs in an effort to stop the possible nuclear nightmare.

There were 5 superpowers at that time, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States. Today, we are the last remaining superpower. A perspective on each country reveals that, Germany has recovered since that dreaded era of 1939-1945, the rule of Nazi, Germany. Since then, Germany has been one of our biggest allies and even today, they offer some support in the war on terror which is currently plaguing the Middle East. Germany has also perfected their industrial capabilities with manufacturing of sophisticated automobiles and trains. Germany is the U.S. second largest supplier of vehicle manufacturing plants, next to Japan.

Russia has had a regime change. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian Federation, has promised peace and security for the Russian People, sadly Russia’s future is dark as they may return to the dreaded times of the Communist Era. A good friend of mine from Russia, now residing in S. Korea, says that he regrets the things that happen in his home country, but wishes our American Forces good luck in the War on Terror. He supports freedom and the ability to do what you want without defying the government. I thank him for his blessings on our troops, it takes a lot to admit the painful truth, but he is a man who has great ambitions, and my respect for not letting hatred rule his heart. He supports the U.S. and their goals for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Italy hasn’t changed much, but they did lose their dictatorship with the lynching of Mussolini and an end to totalitarianism in Italy. They are a prosperous nation with tourism booms reaching the highest levels in recent years.

Japan has long since pursued a goal towards peace since the attacks of December 7th 1941. For the first time since that fatal day, veterans from both sides shook hands and hugged each other as a sign of the American’s resolve to forgive what happened and pursue a goal for peace. The Japanese Government is prosperous on 2 things, 1. tourism, and 2. the world famous Japanese Anime.

Since those painful times, those nations, axis of evil, and alliance for good, have made a long lasting promise to put aside animosities, and pursue a goal towards peace. Now as we push into 2008, let us remember the sacrifices of those troops in WWII. There are only a few left and we must honor them in their final moments. Our goals as a nation is simply, to achieve peace. We are not here to take over the world, as some people suggest, all we want is to bring the world together.

For all our Muslim readers, we would never force our religion on yours, in this country, you are free to practice your beliefs. This goes for all religions, me personally, I believe in God and Country. We all celebrate one God, so as for the extremist who are trying to corrupt Islam, they will get there’s one day when they will finally meet their maker. We can all live in peace, everyone has to want peace in order to achieve it.

The American Military will continue to carry out the orders of the President of the United States, even if it means that we risk our lives, we do it for freedom, and the good of mankind. This is a lesson for us all to learn, it’s not about what people have done in the past, but whether they have learned from their mistakes and will do right by us in the future.

September 11th, 2001 was a day that changed our view on war. We are not at war with the Muslim Religion, as the Taliban tries to make people believe. We understand that you can’t change thousands of years of culture and we know that trying to do so will only make us more enemies.

As the final seconds draw near, I bid a fond farewell to you and thank you for your continued support. I will try to be fair and impartial when writing my thesis. I am not bipartisan, nor do I choose one side over the other. There’s 2 sides to every story, and then there’s the truth. You learn that when you deploy, at least I did.

Thank you and remember that the past is the past. If we should be attacked again, we will respond quickly. We offer our hand in gratitude for the efforts of each nation’s contribution to peace and an eventual end to war, but we will still remain ready to fight. I am a man of peace, and I want peace for every one who wants it. But I won’t let anyone walk all over my beloved United States of America. I will deploy to support our cause for freedom.

My words of wisdom to you as Americans is simply this, extend your hand in friendship to anyone who wants to be an American, but be vigilant if you should ever find yourself defending your homeland against those who want to destroy our nation, and disrupt our way of life. We are a peaceful nation, but if provoked, we will go to war.

Any one who welcomes freedom, is welcomed here. Anyone who opposes freedom, remember what our nation has done for you, then re-assess your thoughts. We are all American, whether you are for or against the war, one thing you can not deny is the fact that we all want peace.

With the hopes and dreams that we have from 2007 and earlier, we will bridge a new gap into the next century, ultimately achieving our goal for peace. As long as there is a war, I will dedicate myself to fighting for the cause, until we do have peace. God bless you, and God bless America. I wish you all “Peace and prosperity, for all generations”



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