Keeping Your Head Low, But Not Too Low

July 30, 2007

     I have just recently stumbled across a website that offers one really good way to support your troops. It is a group called Operation Helmet. It is through donations that are made by caring citizens that takes care of the cost to get Helmet Kit Upgrades that make the kevlar helmet better. That way the soldiers don’t have to pay for it, given that they don’t get paid a whole lot and these upgrade kits can be pretty expensive. I do know it comes with a new chin strap and has an added measure of protection from blasts.

      This is something that officers and medics are consistently requesting for their boys and girls on the frontlines. Operation Helmet is always getting E-mails from troops in Iraq who are placing orders for these. See, the Kevlar helmet is probably the best helmet on the market, but is designed more for impact from bullets over blasts which is opposite of what has been needed as of recently. These helmet upgrades provide better blast protection as well as comfort in the head and chin strap. The thing is, there is only a limited amount that can be provided to the troops so therefore, the rest have to provided by caring citizens willing to spare some money. Now, every donation is great and when the military can get these soldiers an upgrade helmet kit, then that’s great, but neither has met the requirements and they only scratch the surface needs that’ll be coming sometime in the near and distant future.

     Overall, this is a great and phenominal way to support your men and women in uniform. They need this and their officers and medics would greatly appreciatte this. Afterall, noone should ever stop trying to get our troops the top of the line stuff. Military gear evolves consistently because even though you have to stay the course of a 6 month to 12 month tour of duty, the course happens to have it’s own twists and turns. Each day, a new requirement is brought to the equation making the job of our servicemembers more complicating than it already is, and as we all know, danger lurks around many corners in times of conflict. So act now, get your special soldier, battle buddy, or family member in uniform an helmet upgrade kit. They’ll be glad to have one. To find more on this operation called “Helmet”, please visit their MySpace and leave a message or click on the link to their main website. The URL’s for their MySpace and Website are:

Operation Helmet


2 Responses to “Keeping Your Head Low, But Not Too Low”

  1. Terri on July 30th, 2007 3:51 pm

    Operation Helmet is a great group. I remember asking Marty about that, just prior to him deploying this time to Iraq and he said that the upgraded helmets aren’t in short supply like they were initially. For himself, he didn’t care for the inserts, due to the extreme heat over there, but has to wear it as it’s standard issued equipment now. Myself, I feel that every bit of additional protection is helpful.

    On the down side, even with the inserts and upgrades to the helmets, it doesn’t protect the brain from the TBI’s we’re seeing, as those occur because of the space between the skull and the brain. The concussion from a blast basically causes the brain to slam up against the skull, thus causing the TBI. This is a drawing, depicting what occurs to cause a TBI.

    I think it would be great if they could figure out a way to cushion the brain inside the skull to avoid that from occurring. I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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  2. Terri on July 30th, 2007 4:23 pm

    We saw these types of injuries a lot when I worked as a paramedic. In car accidents, falls where the person struck their head and in a lot of sports injuries.

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