Despite What The Detractors Say…. Muslims Say “God Bless America”

April 29, 2007

Some people delight in attempting to convince us that Iraqi’s want us out of their Country. Some of us, after seeing this video will say even louder that these people have NO clue what they’re talking about. Like the story I posted yesterday about the Iraqi’s turning in the terrorists in Diyala Province, this video states emphatically that many Iraqi people are extremely grateful for the presence of our troops and the freedoms that they have been given, because of the presence of our troops. Like the citizens in Diyala Province who are tiring of the continuous presence and threat of the terrorists in their neighborhoods, this gentleman is standing up against these tyrants and saying loud and clear how much he appreciates the sacrifices of the American and Coalition troops. How much he appreciates them for bringing freedom to their country.


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