SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: What It Means To Support The Troops

April 13, 2007

Ever since I began reading MilBlogs, there have been many discussions on this topic. In January, I began writing here, and we’ve had the same discussions. We’ve had some pretty intense discussions about this topic both here and at other MilBlogs, as to what that term actually means. We’ve asked the soldiers that we’ve interviewed in our “Hear Our Heroes” section, what they feel it means to Support The Troops and pretty much come up with the same answer from each one of them. Considering that very few of the soldiers we’ve interviewed for that section are acquainted with each other, I feel is pretty telling in and of itself. So, I’m going to allow our readers to convey their thoughts on what it means to Support The Troops. We’d like to invite everyone to write their thoughts on what you feel that term means. We’ve decided that we’re going to make this into a contest. Each entry submitted to Anthony or I, will be posted here on the blog and we’ll allow our readers to vote on which one they feel best conveys what it means to Support The Troops. There will be prizes awarded for the top three submissions, which we’ll announce later. You’ll have until April 30th to email either Anthony or myself with your ideas on this title: “What It Means To Support The Troops.” We will then post all of the submissions and allow our readers to vote for the one they like the best. Good luck to everyone!

Please feel free to share this on other blogs, or to share it with your families and friends. We’d love to get as many submissions as possible. Anthony and I’s email addresses can be located by clicking the links on the sidebar.


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