Learning to Work Together…

May 24, 2006

Kirkuk, Iraq - One of the major challenges for any military entity is teamwork. Building a team and learning to work with one another is a major milestone for the new Iraqi forces.

On the 11th of May the streets of Kirkuk were filled with chaos. Fortunately this was a planned and controlled type of chaos. Different elements of the Iraqi Security Forces participated in a two-day command post exercise. The event was orchestrated by Coalition forces at the Northern Oil Company facility in Kirkuk.

“Today’s command post exercise involved all the Iraqi Security Forces that guard the infrastructure in and around Kirkuk,” said U.S. Army Maj. Timothy Troutman. The exercise involved seven major elements to include: 1st Strategic Infrastructure Battalion, two Iraqi Army Brigades, the 4th Iraqi Army Division Headquarters, the Electronic Protection Security Service, Oil Protection forces, the local Provincial Joint Coordination Center and some Iraqi Police elements.

This exercise is loosely modeled after U.S. military command post exercises. “The headquarters for this element will react to, plan, coordinate and synchronize all the scenarios,” said Maj. Troutman. These are the same types of exercises that the U.S. Army has long used to train their headquarters leadership.

“The positive things that I can observe are the quick reactions for all the office headquarters,” said Col. Ilyad, the operations for the 2nd Iraqi Army Brigade.

“One thing that they took away that will benefit them the most the understanding of what each others duties and responsibilities are,” said Maj. Troutman.

Lt. Gen. Aziz, the commander of the 4th Iraqi Army Division, concluded the exercise with three final learning points.

“One of the beneficial points out of this exercise today is that we have good relations now. We know each other on a personal level. We know who is working where so that is a positive.”

“Second point; we know what the other party is doing. That gives us an idea on how to assist them.”

“Third point; we all have the same objectives so we can all work together to achieve those objectives.”


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  1. Lorna on May 25th, 2006 5:13 am

    I thank you for this powerful post, as team work should not only be left to our soilders but we as a people need to learn this and be consistent with it. Out of many one people. Tis is awesome.:smile:

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