Combat Lifesaver…

May 15, 2006

Well, got tasked to yet another class.  Today I found out I will be attending the Combat Lifesaver (CLS) course.  I have always wanted to take this class, so it is a good thing.  Unfortunately the notice is very short, I will be attending class this weekend.  It should be fun, a different experience anyway.

I am a little apprehensive about sticking another person with a needle though.  I have no problems being stuck with needles, having blood drawn, etc., although I am a bit nervous to stick someone else.  My hands are a bit unsteady, I’m going to appologize to my buddy before I even stick him.


One Response to “Combat Lifesaver…”

  1. Kat in GA on May 20th, 2006 8:00 am

    Yikes! :shock: Good luck!

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