ACU Review…

March 31, 2006

Here it is, as promised, my personal review of the ACU. My review is based on my 0900-1700 training NCO job in garrison. In the future, as I go to further exercises, I’ll review them in a more tactical environment.

Day One (27 March 2006)

Wow, this uniform is extremely comfortable. It’s pretty much like what everyone has told me, I feel like I’m wearing pajamas. The material seems incredibly thin. This uniform may be a little cold to wear here in Colorado. It should be great for the mild summers though. I continue to grab at my neck for my pens, it is going to take a while to get used to looking to my sleeve for my pen. I have found myself being extremely carefull where I step/put my boots, the light tan leather/suede seems easily staind.

Day Two (28 March 2006)

Not much to say today. Very good day with the ACUs. I have already stopped reaching to my neckline for my pens.

Day Three (29 March 2006)

My first major problem with the ACU was discovered today. Because these uniforms are so light in color, they easily stain. Today a spilled a drop of fruit punch on the crotch of my ACU. Great, now I have a bright red stain on my crotch, very small thankfully. With the old BDU stains either didn’t show up, or if they did usually just looked like a bit more camo pattern.

Day Four (30 March 2006)

No deficiancies noted today. I’m really starting to like these new ACUs.

Day Five (31 March 2006)

Again today, no deficiancies noted.

I have come to the conclusion that this is an excellent uniform. I’m not a huge fan of all the velcro, it gets stuck to everything, to include other Soldiers. The uniform is very comfortable, and not having to worry about ironing and shining is a nice bonus. I hope to see a larger clothing allowance to cover their cost, as I don’t feel they are as durable as the BDU.


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