Great News! Marcus Luttrell Will Appear At Texas Book Festival Afterall

As many of you know, I removed the original post about Marcus Luttrell appearing at the Texas Book Festival, as Marcus had decided not to appear. Marcus has reconsidered and confirmed as of Thursday, that he would be appearing afterall. The moderator has been changed and I’m really looking forward to an interesting day. This is FANTASTIC news and I’m excited to be able to meet Marcus once again. Those of you who had previously made plans to attend this event, to see Marcus, will have that opportunity once again. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there, who is able to attend. I sincerely hope that as many of us as possible can attend to show Marcus how much his book has touched our lives and show him support.

As most of you know, we’ve been following Marcus Luttrell closely, since the release of his book, Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, ever since the book was released in June. I am pleased to announce that Marcus will be appearing at the Texas Book Festival on November 3, 2007 in Austin, Texas. Due to this being such a huge event in Austin, the session with Marcus will be held at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary located at 1201 Lavaca Street in Austin.

The Texas Book Festival was established in 1995 by First Lady Laura Bush, a former librarian and an ardent advocate of literacy. Mrs. Bush created a task force to plan the book festival to honor Texas authors, promote the joys of reading and serve to benefit the state’s public libraries. The first Festival took place at the Capitol in November 1996; the Festival has quickly evolved into one of the premier literary events in the country, annually hosting over 200 Texas and nationally known authors. In 2006, more than 45,000 visitors participated in a week-end of author readings and presentations, panel discussions, book signings, and musical entertainment at the State Capitol in Austin.

As you can imagine, this opportunity is a great honor for Marcus. This will allow him to continue his mission of telling his story and that of his fellow commrades of SEAL Team 10, who perished on that fateful mission. I’m hoping that many of our readers, will be able to join us on November 3rd to show our support for Marcus and help him honor his fallen commrades. I’ll give you a quick run-down of what is planned for that day.

Marcus Luttrell, now retired Navy SEAL, has served deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. His book describes in stark detail the harrowing events that occurred during his 2005 deployment in Afghanistan. Events of which he was the only survivor. Marcus’s book, is a story of extreme bravery, courage, determination and sacrifice. Marcus tells of the heroism and courage of his fellow SEALS, Lt. Michael Murphy, (Marcus’ best friend), Petty Officer Matthew Axelson and Petty Officer Danny Dietz, along with 13 other Heroes who attempted to rescue them from the rugged mountains of Afghanistan and whose helicopter was shot down by the Taliban. Marcus tells of his ultimate escape and rescue by Pashtun villagers, who risked their lives to save his and ultimately Marcus tells of the brave men who flew into those mountains teeming with enemy forces to rescue him and bring him to safety. Marcus dedicates his book to the heroic actions of his fallen commrades and is donating the proceeds of his book to wounded warrior charities, as well as creating trust funds for the children of his fallen commrades. Following his rescue, Marcus tells in painstaking detail his visits to the families of his fallen bretheren and of the dreams that continue to haunt him to this day. Yet throughout his ordeal, Marcus remains steadfast in his belief in the cause our nation’s Armed Forces are fighting for, and his patriotism if anything has grown stronger because of what he endured.

Joining Marcus in the question and answer session is fellow Texas author, Brandon Friedman, whose book, The War I Always Wanted: The Illusion of Glory and the Reality of War, who also, is a veteran of tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, serving as an officer with the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Brandon’s experiences in both warzones, was much different than that of Marcus, and Brandon walked away from his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, disillusioned and questioning the mission that US forces have been tasked with.

Moderating the question and answer session on November 3rd will be Jim Hornfischer, military historian and literary agent, who will talk to both Marcus and Brandon about their books and about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is sure to be a very interesting and thought provoking session, regardless of your personal beliefs about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would urge everyone who is able to, to make time in their schedule to attend this event. Afterwards both authors will be available to sign their books at the Barnes and Nobles Book Signing Tent, located at Colorado and 13th Street in Austin.

To find out more information about this particular event, as well as the others that are planned for the Texas Book Festival on November 3-4, 2007 at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, please visit the Texas Book Festival website.

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  3. Eric Baumholder Says:

    My dad was a Marine corpsman in WWII and the sole survivor of his platoon that hit the beach on Iwo. He said his buddies worked hard to protect him, because it was his job to save their ass if they got hit. Talk about a load of guilt, he never outlived it.

    My dad passed on three years ago, God rest his troubled soul. He was always a hero in my eyes, but never in his… and there’s nothing I could have said or done to change that.

    Good luck, Mr. Luttrell, and better yet, may God continue to look kindly upon you. Your buddies did, but God works in other ways, too.

    They say Marines don’t die, they just go to Hell and regroup. I am convinced my dad regrouped in Heaven.

    I’m a civilian, but I’ll still say, ’semper fi, Mac.’ Did I mention my dad was a Navy medic and got transferred to the Marines for the assault on Iwo?

    He had to do boot camp *twice* on account of the transfer, and he said the second time through was *easier!*

    Be well,


  4. Terri Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Eric and thank you so much for sharing with us about your Hero, your dad. We here at A Soldier’s Mind, appreciate his service and sacrifice.

  5. George Gwynn Says:

    Had to skip the first few chapters which were way over the top patriotic….the rest was a good read…as far as mandatory reading? The story itself is admirable, but the book reads like any other action novel nothing a school would benefit from. Finally, it is extremely painful listening to Marcus interview kinda like a press conference with George Bush.

  6. Terri Says:

    Myself I found the book very interesting and a great tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Operation Redwing. I still firmly believe that it should be required reading, especially for our politicians. Having met Marcus in person, I’m quite impressed…. sorry that you aren’t able to understand his patrioism and dedication to our nation.

  7. William Roberts Says:

    There are not words available to me to express what I felt while reading “Lone Survivor.” I am a native of the Bahamas who tried my best to get into the U.S. Armed Forces in the late 1970’s when I was in my prime. As fate would have it, I could not gain entry, but I have regretted it many, many times over the years, because I feel as though I might have done something meaningful.
    I fully understand the connection that develops between men who experience such things as Marcus and his buddies did, and I am extremely proud of the sacrifice made by him and especially his buddies.

  8. Terri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Roberts for your desire to serve our country. It’s always great to hear of people who come to America and wish to serve their adopted country and you should be highly commended for that desire. Please feel free to stop by again.

  9. Col Terry Roy Peterson Says:

    I have nearly finished your book :Lone Surviror”. After 32 years in the service of my country in the Navy, Air Force, and Army I have never read such a stunning account of the bravery, dedication to service to our country that you and your brothers gave to protect our freedom. I will never forget you and your comrades and God bless you, your family and the families of all SEALS out there fighting for us.

  10. Terri Says:

    Thank you Col. Peterson for stopping by A Soldier’s Mind. Thank you also sir for your service to our country.

  11. Col Terry Roy Peterson Says:

    For those that are not aware, Marcus’s book is now on audio tape from audio

  12. Col Terry Roy Peterson Says:

    Sorry about my earlier comment. The correct website to order Marcus Luttrell’s book Lone Survivor on tape is

  13. Terri Says:

    Thanks Col. Peterson. I’m sure those who’d rather have the audio version will find the link helpful.

  14. Cami Cottrell-Mitzen Says:

    I just wanted to thank, Marcus, for letting my family be apart of his.
    What an amazing journey that will live on forever!
    Is there going to be a next book signing?
    If so when and where?


  15. Helen Hormigos Says:

    I am from the Philippines and I heard about the book Lone Survivor on EWTN, the Catholic Television Network based in Alabama, in October 2007. One of the Franciscan friars mentioned that this book was worth reading during the homily of the televised mass. I was able to buy a copy in the Philippines in mid November. I went to China the week after I bought the book to start my orientation for my new job as quality assurance director (to be based in China) for a food company. I read the book during our travel around the different provinces of China visiting suppliers. I would just like to say that this book is such an inspiration. I just kept thinking that if Mr. Luttrell can survive all the difficulties from his training to the actual field deployment, then I should be able to survive this China experience and the culture shock of different food, different attitudes of people, different weather. Mr. Luttrell’s book presents the perspective of being able to survive against so many difficulties presented to each one of us. I would like to thank him for being able to share his experience.

  16. Elise Cooper Says:

    How can I contact Mr. Luttrell. After reading his book I think it should be sent to all our congressmen, senators, and presidential candidates. Any ideas on how to go about doing it.
    Elise Cooper

  17. Terri Says:

    Ms. Cooper, you should be able to contact Marcus through his publisher:

    Marcus Luttrell
    c/o Little, Brown and Company
    237 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10017

    I agree that all of our congressmen, senators and presidential candidates should read Lone Survivor, we’ve said that all along. Even if we ensured that each of them received a copy of it, there’s no guarantee that they’d read it though, unfortunately. Too bad that we can’t make it required reading for them, but I don’t see how we can.

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